Off to Philadelphia

The night was quiet short, about a 1 ½ hour nap. Wes kind of prepared for no sleep this week, but we didn’t realize it would start before we got to Philadelphia.

B”H, we were able to get in a nap on Shabbos to store up a little for what lies ahead.

We are so thankful to Zaida for taking us to the airport at 5 am. Benny loves seeing his Zaida every morning and was happy today was no exception; other than Zaida didn’t have any fresh bagels in hand because the bakery was closed.


As I write this update, Benny B”H fell back asleep next me on the plane.  He was so excited to look out the window during take off.  He loves pointing out all the planes he sees on our walks during the week, now he gets to point down on the strollers below.

While I was rocking him to sleep, he gave me his FIRST hug. It was squeeze tight,  around my neck, and it lasted for about 5 full minutes (no exaggeration). It wasn’t out of fright, but out of love.  It was the most incredible feeling. I closed my eyes to savor the moment. I said to Ari he is saving up for the week ahead, when I won’t be able to hold him and kiss him.


This coming week’s treatment consists of chemotherapy along with an injection (thru his line, so he B”H won’t feel it) of radioactive material.  This radioactive iodine will find any cancer cells that Chas V’shalom might still be left (which don’t show up on any scans) and get rid of them IY”H. Benny will be confined to a hospital bed with lead shields surrounding his bed. The entire room is lined in plastic. I will be able to elaborate once we are admitted on Monday. He will be in this isolation state for as long as it takes for the radioactive materials to leave his body. The actual treatment is a couple of hours but it usually takes days for his body to rid itself of this iodine.

That is where ALL of YOU come in.  Just as in earlier treatments, where YOUR Tefillos worked miracles, (remember the stem cell harvest (collection) – Benny broke all records recorded in the hospital). We are looking for more records to be broken. We must work together to Daven hard all week so that this radioactive material goes out of Benny’s adorable little body just as fast as it went in. He has to wear a monitor that keeps track of the level and once the level drops below 7, he’s free to roam. He is free to give us his yummy heart warming hugs and free to go visit other patients on the floor.

We are blessed in that this treatment falls out in the month of Elul. The month that Hashem is closest to us.  Being that Benny is going to be isolated for the most part, we must turn to Hashem our Father and ask that He watch over and protect our Benny and provide him comfort, love and a feeling that he is never alone and scared, and the ultimate Refuah Shlema.

If YOU can work on having extra K’Vana, on saying the powerful Bracha of Asher Yatzor  (Blessing recited after the lavatory – we’re on the airplane…), have in mind as it says in the Bracha, that all foreign materials that don’t belong in the body should be disposed of, as the healthy substances remain to do their job to keep the body healthy.

Also, whatever Zechusim you take upon yourself this week will go very far in Benny’s road to a complete Refuah Shlema.


Today is a Hachnosas Sefer Torah (completion and dedication of a new Torah Scroll) in Shaarei Torah in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, we will not be there today, but IY”H some of our children will be there dancing and singing as the beautiful parade of people cheer as the Torah is escorted into It’s new magnificent home at Shaarei Torah.  IY”H we pray for the day that Benny, Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah will have the Zechus and privilege to recite his Torah portion when he is called to the Torah on his Bar Mitzvah day.  Yes, it is 11 and a half years ahead, but let the tears we shed now, turn into tears of joy when we hear Benny recite his Bar Mitzvah Parsha IY”H. Until then Benny will enjoy listening to the weekly Torah portions as he heard in shul and followed along in the Chumash this past Shabbos.  Mazal Tov to the Rechnitz families and the entire Los Angeles community on this joyous event. May we only share in Simchos (happy occasions).


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