2 is the Magic Number

Here’s the update…  It has been a long day. Beginning at 7 am with a wake up call from the OR waiting for Benny to come down for a procedure. The procedure was bumped up as a result of a cancellation.  This procedure was B”H minor and successful. What follows was long and exhausting.  Benny was supposed to begin his  infusion at noon but got delayed due to Benny fighting the medications that were given to him to sedate him.   After 2 plus hours the doctors decided that this treatment will be safer in the ICU. The room that was planned for this treatment had to be fully lined with plastic including the bed and furniture plus 500 lb lead shields.  Too make a long story longer…the ICU room had to be lined the same way.  So now as I am writing this update 6:40, we are still waiting for this medication to be administered.  Time is of the essence as the medication expires at midnight. This medication takes one week to produce!

Once the medication is administered we then wait for the radioactivity to leave his body. The goal is as soon as possible. While we wait, we cannot have much interaction with Benny. No holding him, no kissing, minimal contact. Being that it is a small amount of medication because he is little, there is a good chance it can take a shorter time. The record time is 48 hours. We are looking to break records. The magic number is “2”. Once his levels reach this number he cleared of all radioactivity.  B”H we are in the month of Elul when Hashem (G-D) is extra close to us and He will be Benny’s Protector, Healer and Father that will hold his hand on his bedside.

7:15 – The infusion is about to begin. Please join us in Tefilla now for a complete and speedy recovery for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah.

With Love

PS. We just would like to give a special thank you for our dear friends that drove in from Passaic/Clifton, Monsey and Lakewood last night and today to help give a supporting hand and a shoulder to lean on. Not too mention the delicious nutrients they brought with them.  We were also thrilled to have seen our daughter Rifka Basya who has been in camp for the last 2 months.

The Bikur Cholim of Phili and Chai Life Line have been incredible thus far. Thank you very much. May Hashem bless you all and may you only have to be busy with Cholim that are delivering healthy babies.


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