Infusion Just Completed B”H

The infusion began closer to 9 pm. As they were about to start at 7:30 we were encountered with one more hurdle to get thru. B”H it cleared up and we were good to go.

Today and tonight, Benny put up one amazing fight. The doctors were amazed how strong he is B”H. I think they will be sleeping very well tonight as he must have tired out a couple dozen doctors and nurses or so. May he continue to be blessed with such strength and endurance and be zoche to benefit from all of your Tefillos and Zechusim on his behalf.  We broke records in LA, we are looking to do the same in Philadelphia. Benny has made a tremendous Kiddush Hashem in just the few long hours he was here today. IY”H he will continue to do so every day of his long healthy life.

The doctors, nurses and staff here in CHOP are extraordinary.  They are competent, compassionate and just REAL people who really care about their patients. Although today was very long and emotionally draining, we felt we had an amazing support system and strong Team Benny Players that will do whatever it takes to make this work.

Once again please turn up your K’vana level when reciting Asher Yatzor over the next few days. Envision helping Benny flush all toxins out of his body immediately.  I can’t wait to report tomorrow evening Benny’s amazing progress as a result of all your efforts.

Below is a response I received regarding my previous post: The Magic number is 2!

Two. Is the letter beis. This is the letter Hashem begins the Torah with to create the world. May the medication create pure Refuaha for Benny.
Binyomin begins with Beis as well!Aviva

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  1. “Beis” for benny is also Beis for B’siata D’shmaya . IYH all will be good and a complete refuah is on the way.

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