Home Sweet Home

B”H we just arrived safe and sound from our trip to PA & NY. We wish we could say, “Wow what an amazing vacation we had!”  Instead,  B”H we are able to say, “Benny made it, we made it!”  Five days of intense monitoring, first watching Benny during sedation and then watching him come out of the sedation.

After our brief trip to the zoo, we headed up north to be with our family in Lawrence in which our family was reunited and sharing in our cousin Zachary’s Bar Mitzvah. The GPS  2 hour drive turned into 5 hours because of an accident. It was the first time in months that Benny was able to sit happily in his car seat for at least 3 of the  hours. It almost seemed like he forgot how much he dislikes sitting in his car seat. The same for seating in his stroller .   I told Ari we should be so lucky that this should be the only side effect from his sedation IY”H.

We arrived at the Bar Mitzvah a couple hours after it started, however, as soon as we got there, Benny was given the most warm greeting with applauds, hugs by his siblings and of course the paparazzi.   He was so happy and once again we were able to put the long car drive behind us and enjoy the Simcha (celebration).   Deep down inside it felt like a Seudas Hodah (meal of thanks) to Hashem (G-D) for getting us thru one of the most difficult weeks to date.

Monday, was supposed to be departure day back to Los Angeles. Our kids were scheduled on an earlier flight.  Thank you so much  Ari and Lynda for bringing our kids to New York so we can all be together for this Simcha and bring them back too. You brought such joy to our children, Benny when he saw them, and us too. May Hashem continue to bless your beautiful family with good health and Mazal for eternity.   Being that Benny was just coming out of treatment and not feeling himself it would have been safer to fly private verses to being exposed to many germs on a commercial airline. There was a lot of back and forth and a tremendous amount of effort put forth by Sammy and Rabbi L. to make it happen.  We changed our flight until Tuesday morning for the possibility of being able to fly private as a medic transport. It was approved and last minute (an hour and ten minutes before our commercial flight) we were told by our insurance company that Benny had to be transported from hospital to hospital in order to be considered as a medic patient.

The plane ride was pretty noisy for the other passengers. Benny was not feeling well and let everyone else know. The flight crew was sympathetic and signed up pretty quickly to Team Benny.  For the most part, Benny only felt comfortable if we held him while standing. For some reason that position soothed his aching stomach.

B”H now that we are home, Benny seems to be much happier in his familiar surroundings.

We would like to thank all those involved over the past week in a half, doctors, nurses, Bikur Cholim of Philadelphia, Chai Life Line of LA and Philadelphia, friends and family that came to visit B”H too many to mention, although, I will mention Estee, who came a few times as she was the only one who took the class on how to care for Benny while he was going thru his treatment, Benny’s Bobbie (grandma) that drove in twice from Monsey), all those that sent Benny Get Well cards to the hospital, Ruchelle and Yehudis that took amazing care our children at home, family that brought our children to and from New York, Tammy and Leah who took our kids around for a great time once they got to New York, Dovid that arranged a car and driver from Philadelphia to Lawrence (poor Borris – it was a long day), our Aunt Wendy and Uncle Chaim for hosting our entire family and extended family for Shabbos and beyond, David and Rachel for making everyone feel so welcomed at their simcha (Bar Mitzvah), Shabsi for picking up dinner for us last night, Limor for watching our boys, Julie for getting us to the airport on time this morning, Zaida Elazer for picking us up from the airport, and Bubbie who prepared a hot dinner for us.  Most import ant thank you all for davening and all the good deeds you are doing on Benny’s behalf for a speedy recovery.  I am sorry if I left anyone out, it is unintentional and due to enormous fatigue.

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