There’s a New Star in the Heavens Above

Today’s post is dedicated to a strong young lady named Jessica who gave it her all in the fight against cancer and unfortunately did not win her fierce battle.  Today, Jessica was laid to rest. May her Neshama (soul) have an Aliya (ascend in the Heavens Above).
Unfortunately, I did not feel strong enough nor did Benny, for me to go to the funeral. However, I did hear from those that went that there were over 700 family and friends there. Jessica’s former 8th Grade classmates all wore Jessica’s favorite color purple.
She was instantly adored by all who came in contact with her, including nurses, doctors and other patients in the hospital. May Hashem grant the family the strength they need to get thru their intense pain and suffering. May Hashem bring an end to all pain and suffering  around the world and bring the Redemption we so eagerly yearn for.
Jesica’s mother Michelle, mentioned on several occasions how Chai Life Line has helped her from the beginning of Jessica’s journey with cancer and how she could not have made it without them. We also feel the same way. Each and every day I get a phone call or email asking what they could do for us. It’s truly amazing.
This coming December there is going to be a 12 mile marathon in Las Vegas to raise money for Chai Life Line to help them in their fight against childhood disease.
I have one very close friend who signed up to run this marathon as part of a Team Benny player.  She needs our help in raising funds to be eligible for the run. No amount is too little.  Thank you in advance for helping in whatever way you can.   Benny IY”H will be cheering on the side lines or in the actual race as we may sign up too!
(Please Read the paragraph below written by Yehudis – Team Benny Runner)
Dear friends,
Wow! On my way to an amazing run for CHAI LIFELINE.  All I need is 65 more friends to donate $36.00 each.  Please find it within yourself to be one of my sponsors  in helping kids fight cancer.  You’re thoughtfulness is much appreciated.  Looking forward to seeing you at the Finish Line.  Please go to to sign up to share in this great Mitzvah!  In the merit of this mitzvah may Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah have a
complete Refuah Shlema and may Hashem bless your families with bracha and hatzlacha.
Thank you,
Yehudis Schoen
First Name Last Name Race Participant ID
Yehudis Schoen  Las Vegas 58495

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