Home Sweet Home

Benny has been enjoying his days back in LA. He was happy to go to Shul this past Shabbos and enjoy time at  home with his grandparents that came for Shabbos and his brothers and sisters. It’s amazing that it was only one week ago that we were in the hospital in Philadelphia.

The times when we are in the hospital the days or weeks don’t seem to have a beginning or an end, it is all just one long, long, long day. Now that we are back we are trying to retrain Benny to sleep in his crib, not my bed and thru the night. We have not been successful at all, especially because we don’t want him to cry it out. Five minutes is our cut off and then we go in and get him.  I am confident that he knows he has us wrapped around him soft delicious little fingers, but what is a parent to do!

After Shabbos when my parents were leaving to go home, Benny called after them and said a new word “Bubbie” (Grandma.) It was almost the best word he could have said. Next week we’ll have to work on Zaida (Grandpa), after all it’s Zaida that is going to bring Benny a new toy from his office.

Today Benny went along for the shopping trip to Costco. Benny looked like he was the marshal of a parade sitting in the shopping cart saying “Hi” to everyone he passed in the aisles. He even managed to get as many free samples of Kosher products as he could. Who could refuse him!

The next few weeks Benny will have the opportunity to IY”H be like any 21 month old,except for going to playgroup.  I have been researching and asking around for any ideas people might have of day trips to take Benny on. I am open to any suggestions as well.

I must conclude now, as I have been dozing off the past couple of times when entering in a new post and only waking to cries of the baby wanting to eat. Hopefully, tomorrow I can begin the entry a lot earlier in the day.




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