Benny had a full day today.  After his siblings left to school, Benny Davened (prayed) and then had his own learning session with Dena who is helping him increase his vocabulary and other language skills.

We then headed out on a walk around town, and ended up at the turtle/fish pond (which also is used as the Tashlich meeting place on Rosh Hashanah). So we’re a little early!  Benny loved counting the turtles, twelve in all.

In the afternoon Benny was joined by his siblings who only had a half day of school. His face lights up when he hears the front door opened and runs to greet his brothers and sisters. The feelings are mutual on both sides B”H.  There’s no greater feeling when you come thru that door and Benny runs down the hall with his big blue eyes opened wide,  his cheerful smile and pronounced dimple, and extended arms, waiting to be picked up and hugged squeeze tight.

After much debate about what to do, we settled on ice cream and swimming at Zaida and Bubbie’s house. Boy did Benny and the kids have a great time in the pool.  Zaida held Benny so that is upper torso didn’t get wet. It wasn’t easy, but we all managed.

Tomorrow, Benny will be going to day hospital – out patient, to receive the first dose of his own stem cells. IY”H Hashem should bless him with a good response and continued success in his treatment. Please keep Benny in your Tefillos tomorrow.

After tomorrow, we hope to be free for the next several weeks, hopefully until the day after Succot when Benny will be admitted into the hospital for the remainder of the stem cell treatment (about 4 weeks). Until then, we hope to keep Benny busy with fun activities and day trips all over southern CA.  Again, we are accepting any suggestions you may have.

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