Here’s to “Normalcy”

B”H (Thank G-D), Benny did great during his stem cells treatment yesterday. Basically, the day consisted of 3 hours of hydration before the stem cells and 4 hours after. The actual stem cells infusion took only 5 minutes. As usual, Benny was his cheerful self. He enjoyed a private concert, played with his trains and cars,  and was kind enough to take a nap, which enabled his Mommy too as well. Thank you Miriam, Shoshie and Kolev who came to keep us company and bring us a yummy lunch.

Now comes the hard part. The part which causes my fingers to fall heavy onto the key board.  Ever since we started this blog we have had many types of responses, from “how inspiriting” to “I can’t read it, it’s too sad.”  Yesterday, while standing in the clinic/day hospital waiting for Benny to begin treatment, I related to the phrase I’ve heard many times, “it’s too sad.”   Looking around the waiting room, I saw a new crop of kids. Maybe because we don’t usually go on Tuesdays, nevertheless, the whole room was filled with new faces, from very young to mid twenties. It was too overwhelming and tears just began to flow and haven’t stopped since. A teenage boy stood out in the crowd. His head was full of hair.  I thought to myself, “is he just beginning his journey, or is he in remission for years now?” I came to the conclusion that it was the later B”H. He looked liked he knew the place all to well and just wanted to get over with his appointment and go on with being a “regular” teenager again. I hope and pray that this kid along with all the others be that “regular” kid and put this all behind them immediately.

Another response to the blog is, “I read your blogs every day to find out what I should pray for next.”  The answer is complicated and yet straight forward. Pray that this horrible illness along with all illness in the world is eradicated once and for all. Pray that G-D Sees, Hears and Listens to our Prayers. Pray that Prayers work. Pray that pain and suffering is replaced with joy and happiness. Pray that  hospitals are vacant or only filled with healthy newborns waiting to go home.

For those of you who cannot read the blog, I can relate. I can hardly read it myself. A friend recently gave me a book, an autobiography about how a man’s journey through his own horrific illness. It goes thru his challenges and will to survive and success. These books unfortunately,are all to common and are meant to give Chizuk (strength), but at the same time bring sadness. So I apologize if this blog has made any of you sad. Our intention is to get your help in prayer and acts of kindness  for Benny’s sake and for all those who may be suffering.

In trying to give Benny a “normal” happy day, I took Benny out for an outing around town. Dressed in his “Team Benny” cap, we were approached by some asking about what Team Benny was all about. By the end of the trip, we managed to collect a few more Team Benny players.

Check out Benny’s trip and his new Team Players:

Click on Video of Benny riding the Trolley : bentrolley

For those of you baking Challah this week as a Zechus for Benny, here is a creative new design, baked by Ilana and Tamar (11 years old).


2 thoughts on “Here’s to “Normalcy”

  1. I’ve been following this blog to learn what is going on with Benny but also, it reminds and inspires me to pray and keep praying. Your journey through this challenge and sharing it online is, can I call it a ‘gift’? It is so genuine and spiritual and real. Its a tremendous chizuk for all of us here on planet earth struggling with all types of challenges big and small. May Benny have a complete Refuah B’mheira! and may you go on to write fictional books and or non-fiction on any topic…you are a great writer and thinker!

  2. I read each post you write. I admire your strength and perseverance. I had my own battle not too long ago and found this book to be very helpful. “Streams in the Desert”. It is a daily devotional written by someone who also knows the path you are on because they have endured it as well.

    Love all of the new pictures of Benny. He’s a doll! The “Team Benny” challah is wonderful too. Have a good week and I’m praying for you all!

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