Pictures of the Week

Benny enjoyed his day on Thursday in Universal Studios.  He liked playing in the area with lots of balls and splashing in the dancing water fountain. He also enjoyed the animal show.

One thing or person he didn’t like was Frankenstein.  Do you blame him?!

Wishing you all a wonderful Shabbos!    Please let Benny know how your week is going as well.  He loves hearing stories.


3 thoughts on “Pictures of the Week

  1. beautiful pictures and video faigie. thank you so much.although i too cry a lot to hear what your family is enduring, i watch faithfully for your blogs. i try to answer them sometimes but don’t succeed in being able to send them through. oh well, maybe this time i will be successful as always my thoughts and prayers are with you. ketuvah vechatima tova. may this year be the best ever with all of the cholot of our people be healed. mostof all little binyomn chaim ben faigie sarah.

  2. Dear Ari, Fagie and Benny
    It is nice seeing you having a good time.
    Tonight is slichos, a new year is coming.
    May the difficult parts of the year good very quickly and as easy as possible. May Hashem give you lots of koach, spiritually as well as physically.
    It is amzing to watch you grow.
    aunt Sheila

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