Benny Goes Mining

This morning Benny found a bunch of semi precious stones/rocks on the couch in the family room. They were his brother, Yehoshua’s that he collected from science class when learning about rocks. During that time, I thought about a different kind of stone and  a friend who is now recovering from kidney stones. I davened to Hashem to give her a speedy recovery (Refuah Shlema Esther Bas Rivka Devorah). Shortly after Benny’s fascination subsided, he left the room and wandered into the kitchen for a snack.  Within a few minutes I was back in the family room with Benny getting him dressed on the couch. In the corner of my eye I spied one more shiny stone on the couch that was clearly separated from the others. It didn’t look like the other’s. That’s because it was the diamond from my engagement ring. I couldn’t believe it! Of course I was shocked that the stone fell out of the setting, but even more, was that Benny was just playing in that exact  spot with other stones/rocks a few minutes prior. It was a miracle. If it would have fallen out just a few hours later, during our stroll at the beach, I would not have been that lucky.

So today, Benny not only learned about different types of rocks/stones during his mining expedition, he also participated in the Mitzvah of  Hashov Aveida (finding a lost object and returning it to its rightful owner), even before I knew I lost it!

This Sunday, Benny enjoyed a day of bowling with his brothers. He even got a spare without the help of bumpers too! Today he enjoyed a nice breeze at the ocean.

We would like to thank the Gudema Family, Devorah M. Naama Sara and Beth, Faige E., Robert W., Carol B., and  Auntie Shira in sponsoring Yehudis Schoen to run in the Chai Life Line Marathon in the Zechus (merit) for a Refuah Shlema for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah.

Here’s a creative way to help in the fundraiser:










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