Quiet Day at the Hospital

Today, we had an unexpected trip to the day hospital. Benny needed a platelet transfusion to help prevent him from bruising too much if he were to fall or bump into something  Chas Veshalom (G-D Forbid). Thank you to all those that Davened for Benny that the platelets should be a good match without complications. B”H the transfusion was quick and successful.

Unlike last week at the hospital,  where there wasn’t a seat to be had, today was really quiet. We got in right away and received the platelets within the hour. Benny usually likes to hang out in the playroom during his visits to the hospital. He also enjoys pushing the baby doll stroller up and down the hallways. He actually runs and so do I pushing the IV pole not far behind. He definitely gives whomever is watching him or caring for him a total body workout.

As we were in the playroom with less than a handful of other patients, I commented to the staff member how quiet it was and what a change it was from last week.  I mentioned how I basically cried the whole day last week after seeing so many new faces.  Today, I felt Hashem heard my cries, and collected my tears from last week. The fact that there weren’t many patients was hopeful.  I wished the staff members a “boring day.” Basically stating that they should only be busy taking care of healthy newborns and no more sick children.

These next few days are crucial. We are working on our case to present before Hashem this Rosh Hashanah. When Hashem sees the care and compassion we have for one another, how could he not reward us!  There are two great Mitzvos that can make a tremendous impact on your life, on Benny’s future life IY”H. If you have not signed up for Tehillim and Hafrashas Challah for this week, please don’t delay.The link is on the left column.  As you say the Blessing when you separate the Challah, please have in mind that Benny needs to increase his appetite and food intake, in order to store up for the stem cell transplant that will IY’H take place immediately after Succoth. After all Challah is his favorite food. When Hashem hears your prayers for someone else, Hashem answers what you need first. It’s a win win situation.  Benny needs all of our prayers. We need Hashem to eradicate this illness in Benny’s body.   Let the energy Benny demonstrates be used to spread the greatness of Hashem thru joy and laughter.

I want to mention a special thank you to Shira Gudema who gave her Bat Mitzvah Ma’aser money to sponsor Yehudis Schoen in the Chai Life Line Marathon in a Zechus for Benny’s Refuah.  Thank you Rifky Friedman, Kayla and Daniella Darrison who also gave their Miser money to Chai Life Line in Benny’s Zechus.

Yehudis is almost at the finish line, that is in raising the funds.  We so proud. Can’t wait to great you at the race finish line soon.



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  1. Benny and family, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I am I”H going to bake Challah this Friday so that I can say that brocha and beg Hashem for a complete refuah and daven that this year should be full of health, happiness and school for Benny! Love Esty.

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