Back to School Night

The past couple of days I had the privilege of pretending to be back in school, listening to teachers, sitting behind a desk and taking notes, and praying that I won’t be tested on the information at the end of “back to school night!”

There was one recurring theme throughout the two nights and that was teaching our children how to become close to Hakadosh Baruch Ho (G-D).  In all three grades, 8th, 4th and 2nd the Tefillah (prayer) class consisted of translating the actual Tefillah (prayer), teaching pronunciation, and most importantly the Kavana (feeling), we should have when reciting the Tefillah. The connection of closeness with Hashem was also discussed in the 8th grade science class.  The science teacher said a large part of her class is not only understanding the human anatomy, but appreciating  Hashem’s intricate systems and realizing the greatness of Hashem and thru that one can achieve D-vakos (closeness) to Hashem. I wish I could attend any one of these classes.

From the very beginning of Benny’s diagnosis we have reached out to all of you to Daven for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah. To say Brooches properly, whether in Tefillah, before you eat or after the lavatory and Hafroshos Challah. We feel that it has made a significant difference in Benny’s overall treatment and reaction to it and beg of you to continue in your great effort.  I personally struggle to pray for our situation. I sometimes feel that asking Hashem for help and the Refuah (cure) validates the severity of Benny’s illness. I would much rather praise Hashem for the amazing wonders of the world or for the beautiful smile and delicious hugs that Benny gives me on a daily basis. His passion for Mitzvos and love for life is amazing to witness.

This coming Rosh Hashanah I pray that we only have to sing the Praises of Hashem (G-D), that we don’t need to request for Refuos and Yeshuos because all illnesses will have been cured, all those looking for their spouse are engaged, all those in need of a livelihood are prosperous, and all those looking to start a family are pregnant. May the shuls be filled with singing, dancing and tears of joy this Rosh Hashanah.

We apologize for not reaching out personally to each and everyone of you who have made a tremendous impact on our lives this past year. We are truly grateful and have tremdous Hakaros Hatov (thankfulness). We can go into this Yom Tov with an army, a Team of thousands of supporters and present Hashem all of your Tefillos and Zechusim that you have performed for Benny’s Zechus and all those in need of a Refuah and Yeshua. IY”H may we all be Zoche to celebrate in the Geula Shlema this coming year.

Good Yom Tov!




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  1. Thank you for your blog and keeping us posted on how Benny is doing. He will be I’m sure in all our tefilos this Yom Tov. Your writing and expression of thoughts is so eloquent and inspiring. May Hashem send Benny a complete refuah and may you go on to be a best selling author, writer, lecturer!

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