We are just a few hours away from the beginning of a New Year 5773.  It was only a year ago that we moved to Los Angeles.  A year of new beginnings. As we left our dear friends and family backed east we were told, “Mishana Makom Mishana Mazal, (you change your place you change your fortune/luck).” Of course the saying is meant as a blessing.

This past year has brought us challenges that one could never imagine possible. It is true that we do not choose our challenges in life. That is left to the Holy One Above. What we can choose is how we are going to respond to the challenges G-D bestows upon us.  Often, it feels like an impossibility. Truth be told, many times I don’t face up to the challenges in the way I probably should. One thing is for certain, we could not face these challenges alone. Ari, my family and I, have tremendous Hakaros Hatov (gratitude) for the outpouring of love, support and dedication you all have shown and continue to demonstrate, throughout this most challenging time of our lives.  Although we may not have done our part in accomplishing what we need too, YOU ALL most certainly have!

Please join Benny and all of us in Davening together this Rosh Hashanah to bring the Yeshua, the Refuah, The GEULAH. Let us merit a year of celebrations to come.


(this picture was taken one year ago!)






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  1. Just wanted to let you know that during Unesaneh Tokef this year, all I could think and daven about was Benny, and that everyone in our kehillah (which you guys are definitely still a part of) should be celebrating with their children this year instead of crying. Hatzlachah uvracha, and a gmar chasima tova for all of you.

    • thank you so much. May all of our tears and tefillos be answered and may we only have tears of joy from this day forward. Shana Tova!

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