Saving a life

We hope you all had an enjoyable and meaningful Yom Tov (holiday). B”H we were able to go to shul and listen to the Shofar and be Zoche to hear Birkas Kohanim in which one day IY”H Benny will be able to perform.

It has been a few days since I have updated the sight, primarily because I’ve been under the weather.  Thank G-D Benny is doing well.  He had a long day in the clinic yesterday getting a blood transfusion and meeting with his doctor. Thanks to Auntie Shira and Shoshie hot soup, we made it through the day ok.

This past Rosh Hashana was the most emotional one I’ve ever been through. Here I was standing before Hashem (G-D) proclaiming how Great and Mighty and Awesome He is and at the same time pleading before Him to save our precious Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah.

One of the darkest days of my life was when my Zaida O”H departed from this world (less than 4 years ago). That light came back into my life the day Binyomin Chaim was born. I Daven to Hashem that the light remain shining bright for at least as long as my Zaida Ben’s  ZT”L, 96 years.  May Binyomin Chaim be Zoche (merit) to live through 5  generations of his offsprings of at least 120 great grandchildren like his name sake.

There are so many actions we can do to bond together as one in order to create the Yeshua that we so desperately need.  Over the past several days I received a few emails  regarding the importance of unity that can truly make a difference.

Benny will IY”H be going in next week (out patient), for multiple follow up tests before and after Yom Kippur. It is a crucial time over the next most powerful days of the year, to storm the Gates Above for the best possible outcome we have all been Davening for.

Let us show Hashem together how valuable we perceive our Guf (body) and Neshama (soul) to be, by signing up to be more careful in what we say or hear about one another. In this Zechus may Hashem grant Benny and all those in need, a complete  Refuah Shlema

I am adding a link to  Machsom Lfi –

Link to sign up for Tehillim in Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah’s Refuah:

There is still time to bake Challah this Shabbos of Aseres Y’May Teshuva – Challah Baking

This coming Monday we all have an opportunity in helping Sholom Rubashkin be heard before the Supreme Court. Please help save a life. Just take a few minutes of your time and listen to the link below.

Please send this link out to all your contacts and encourage them to pass it on to their contacts via twitter, email, facebook etc in order to create a buzz about it and get as many views as possible. Our goal is to hit 1 million views! They should also “like” it. With Hashem’s help, this should help bring my father home! Please send a one-line note in your own words telling them to spread it around as much as they can. Here’s the link:
May Hashem bring immediate geulah for Sholom Mordechai halevi ben Rivkah!

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