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During the first hour of my birthday I received wonderful news that my sweet niece Miriram Tova gave birth to a healthy baby boy! It was the best news I could have gotten before I went to sleep to be crowned “great aunt!”

B”H I woke up this morning on time to join in with all the 1000’s of people to ask Hashem to end the Golus and bring Mashiach. Once again I felt honored that it was on my birthday.  Birthday’s bring special Kochos (strength/powers) with them. They are meant to give blessings to one another. My Bracha first and for most is to all the cholim (ill), Hashem please grant a complete Refuah Shlema immediately. Please allow these individuals to serve you with their full potential with all their heart, soul and body. Please give our Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah the greatest gift of all…life. A long healthy and meaningful life. Please give him the opportunity to serve YOU and to proclaim Your Greatness.

My next Bracha is to all of you who have and continue to be a huge part in Benny’s Refua. May Hashem bless you with only good health and happiness for 120 years.

Over the last several months I have been receiving a daily email on Ahavas Chesed. Below is one I recently received in which I felt a strong connection too.

Ahavas Chessed Day 1128

“Only the Abishter (G-D) can make nissim (miracles). But klal yisroel, by keeping Hashem’s presence before them, can elicit nissim. The way to make Hashem an active presence in one’s life is through acts of cheesed. The Chofetz Chaim relates that cheesed (kindness) is the currency with which the yidden acquired redemption. Chessed was the catalyst for the geulah (redemption) in Mitzrayim, and it will set in motion the process of the Final Geulah as well. In mitzrayim, under harsh circumstances that could easily have stripped the slaves of their humanity, they remained humane and caring toward each other. Chazal relate that “they made a covenant between one another to do chessed with each other.” Even in their state of exhaustion and despair, they would periodically gather to reinforce for each other the legacy of the Avois. They never lost sight of the chiyuv to help each other in any way possible. On the surface, the 10 maakois (plagues) seem to be the driving force behind yetzias mitzrayim. But beneath the surface, chessed was the operating force that set the geulah into motion. In “Az Yashir” it says “nochisa b’chasdichah aam zoo go’altah.” With Hashem’s kindness he guided the nation that he redeemed. His guiding hand was activated not only by His own middah of chessed, but by ours. Through chessed they kept Hashem before them, and therefore, he was there to guide them. This dynamic opened the channels of miracles and wonders for the yidden in mitzrayim and it has remained in force throughout every golus. As chessed strengthens among the yidden, Hashem’s presence strengthens as well. Ultimately, through this means, Hashem will be present in full force once again to guide His nation, fight their battles and lead them to the final geulah.”

This seems like it was written just for Benny. His first symptom of this Maake presented itself during Pesach the holiday representing the 10 Maakos. The holiday representing Klal Yisroel’s togetherness and triumph in getting thru this enormous challenge.  The key to the Geulla was the Chessed the Ahavas Yisroel we had amongst each other. I cannot say Benny’s illness is a blessing by any means, but I can say from the bottom of my heart and innermost chambers of my soul that the chessed we have experienced as a result, is and continues to be a true blessing.

Tonight was the annual Los Angeles Bikur Cholim dinner. We have tremendous Hakoros Hatov for helping us through this treacherous journey and seeing to it that all of our needs are met.  Meeting dozens of people who stopped to ask how we and Benny are doing, to tell us they are davening for him or asking what they can do to help is, these are the individuals who are going to bring out the Nissim (miracles).

Recently, I spoke with a  friend and she told me how inspired she was by Benny’s blog. I responded saying that I wish I was that inspired. She then went on to tell me that we are fighting a war. We are in the front lines and it is very difficult to feel inspired when we are in the most vulnerable and dangerous position. However, that being said, we are not alone. There is an army of support behind us, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to help us win this war.

IY”H this coming year, hopefully in the days ahead we will win this war, through the love we have for one anther, end this Gollus and celebrate together the Geulla Shlema once in for all.

Wishing you all tremendous Bracha, Hatzlocha, Good Health and Mazal this coming year and throughout your life.


video of Benny: bdayballoons

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