The Calm Before the Storm

Tonight we welcome the special day of Hoshana Rabbah. A day filled was Tefillos (Prayers).

It has been quite a few days since I wrote on the blog. B”H (Thank G-D) Benny is doing well and enjoying each and every minute of Yom Tov (the holidays).  I mentioned to Ari earlier today, how life is beginning to feel normal once again. We know this is only temporary, but we sure are appreciating every moment.

B”H we are blessed with this joyous time to be with our family and friends, and to be able to store up many happy memories for when we go back into the hospital for transplant. Other than the routine Dr. visits and some tests in the hospital it was fairly quiet. There was more commotion in the kitchen or in deciding where to go on Chol Hamoed, Thank G-D!

The calm before the storm.  We were told that what lies ahead is one of the most challenging times of this treatment process. The anticipation of the unknown is frightening. It feels like preparing for a big snow storm.  The news talks about it for days and days before, warns everyone to stock up on supplies, plan an emergency evacuation just in case, even predicts how many inches. Finally the day arrives and the snow begins to fall, at first it’s just a dusting and then the snow flakes thicken and the pace picks up rapidly. Then the waiting begins to see whether we will be snowed in, school cancelled, how many inches etc…In past snow storms, I usually spend most of the night looking out the window admiring the beautiful snow flakes, while wondering when it will stop.

Benny is about a week away from going into the hospital for a stem cell transplant IY”H. The doctors can only give us an estimate how many days they feel it may take based on previous patients, however, every patient reacts differently and there is no way to know for sure. On average, it is about 1 month, plus or minus days or weeks. We obviously are praying for a speedy recovery without any side effects and the time to be as short as possible away from the family.

During the past few months as Benny has been receiving his treatments there was one thing that was constant and that was Tefillah (Prayer).  These Tefillos turned into a mighty great and powerful storm that continues around the clock all over the world. We pray that this storm reaches the Heavens Above and breaks through the Gates of Refuah (healing) and bring Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah and all the Cholim  (ill) the Refuah that is needed.

Let this Hoshana Rabbah, this great and powerful day of Tefillah be used as a vehicle to reach the Heavens directly and instantaneously . Let the only storm we experience be that of all our Tefillos and not of illness.

After Yom Tov, Benny will be going in for a couple more tests prior to stem cell transplant. We would very much appreciate if you could please take a moment to say some Tehillim today, that the test results are IY”H (G-D Willing) the outcome we have all been davening for, a complete Refuah Shlema.

Good Yom Tov!

Pictures of Benny enjoying Yom Tov!

Peterson Car Museum. Disneyland








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