B”H results just in!!!

B”H Benny is out of sedation and is recovering well at home. Thank you for all your Tefillos.  We won’t know results immediately, but with all of our Tefillos combined,  we will IY”H (G-d Willing) receive good news. Until then, we have more time to continue Davening for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah.

These past few weeks have overall been a vacation from treatments and the craziness that  goes along with them.  We truly enjoyed Yom Tov with our family and tried to soak up as much Kedusha (spirituallity) as possible. One of the highlights of my Yom Tov was seeing Benny on his Daddy’s shoulder’s dancing with the Sifrei Torah on Simchas Torah.  Benny kissed every Torah that passed him by for all 7 Hakafos. He remained in Shul until after 11 pm at night and was back in Shul the following day for the next round. While on his Daddy’s shoulders Benny held a flag in one hand, a stuffed Sefer Torah in his arm and a lollipop in the other hand, while wearing his very own Tallis.  I think he was the only kid that stayed in shul during the entire Hakafos without taking a break! His Daddy is still recovering from aching shoulders, but not complaining one bit.

Yesterday, was our first day back at the hospital preparing for what lies ahead.  A Stem Cell Transplant is the next course of treatment for Benny.  Originally we were scheduled to be admitted to the hospital the day after Yom Tov, today. The date was then moved to this coming Sunday, however, after yesterday’s meeting it is going to be moved back a couple of weeks.

Over the last few weeks other patients have undergone similar treatment in this study and based on the patients reactions to the therapy, our Dr. along with other Dr.’s around the country want to change the regimen for Benny.  The risks are too dangerous.  This data only became available the last day of Yom Tov!  B”H we our Dr. waited to proceed and was willing to wait until after all our holidays to admit us.  We truly feel that it was all the Tefillos during this special time with Hashem that saved Benny from Chas Veshalom going thru any additional hardships during his treatments.

As I am writing this update, we just received a call from our Dr. that B”H the scans Benny underwent today were negative!!!   Please continue to Daven as we continue to see the positive results in doing so.

May the closeness with Hashem (G-D) we all experienced these past couple of months stay with us throughout the year.

As we prepare over the next week to go into the hospital, I am collecting ideas on how to keep Benny entertained in the hospital. He will not be allowed to leave his room or be around other individuals for up to a month.  If you know of creative projects I can do with him, feel free to share them with us.   I am also working on arranging an Asher Yatzor campaign on his behalf during this crucial time.  We will keep you posted.


Thank you!





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