B”H we can all sleep a little better tonight!

Dear Family and Friends – Thank you so much for your tefillos today. B”H, we received very positive news this afternoon that Benny’s latest scans were negative (no pun intended). This means that Benny can move into his next phase of treatment with his “best foot forward”. We can’t thank each of you enough for all you have done to positively impact Benny’s journey. We only hope that, in addition to the benefits Benny has experienced, your tefillos serve to protect you and your families from anything negative for all time. Please read Faigie’s beautiful post below. The hashgacha pratis (divine providence) in the timing of Benny’s treatment is something that allowed his doctors to eliminate a serious risk to his health from his next treatment. Had we not waited until the end of Yom Tov, his doctors would not have been fully aware of the potential life threatening effect of his experimental regimen. He is the only child, worldwide, to be in this situation and they have been able to devise an alternative regimen that is far safer. He was truly “Saved by Sukkos”! So I add my thanks to Faigie’s (below) and hope we continue to see (and share) the positive in each other’s lives. Ari

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