Endeavour – What is our Mission?

The past couple of days Benny has had a busy social calendar. Late last night we ventured out to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor glide thru the streets of Los Angeles.  Benny was fascinated as much as we were.  Maybe he felt a connection. Although he’s too young to understand what the giant “plane” stands for he knows it’s BIG.  You may ask what they have in common, it is the Journey.  The Endeavor went to places we will never go. The Endeavor experienced something we will never experience. However, just seeing it up close, we feel a sense of excitement and try and imagine a piece of the journey. This space shuttle Endeavor has now completed its mission.  The Endeavor is now in its next phase.  The phase of teaching and giving over all that it has learned.

Benny is our Endeavor, our little giant!. He has reached spheres the average man will never reach and yet B”H thru his journey, we are all given the opportunity to grow to reach our greatest potential, and rise to those spheres . We are blessed with a mission in helping Benny be successful in getting thru his “flight,” thru our Tefillos (prayers) and the continuous acts of G’milus Chessed (kindness) on his behalf.

We look forward to the day when IY”H Benny too, will be riding on a float down the streets, waving and saluting all his “Team Benny” members, in appreciation for all their love and support throughout his challenging  journey.

Today, we celebrated the Upshern (3rd birthday, cutting of the hair ceremony) of our adorable cousin, Jared. Mazal Tov!  Benny, and all the kids, had a wonderful time jumping on the moon bounce, eating pizza and ice-cream and running around with their cousins. It was so great to see Benny one of the gang and enjoy being at his cousins Simcha (celebration).  IY”H may we be Zoche to celebrate Benny’s Upshern next year this time.

We better start making the goody bags – although, I am afraid Benny will eat them all up before we can give them out!

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  1. Shmuel Tuvia looks so much like you, Faigie! Your boys are handsome! I keep praying for Benny and for your family, always keep you in my mind.

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