Happy Birthday Yocheved!

Today, Benny enjoyed a special day with his older sister, Yocheved. He helped her celebrate her birthday by wearing her birthday hat and holding her balloons wherever they went. He actually stole the show, luckily Yocheved was okay with that! We were just so happy to celebrate together in person.

Ideas have been streaming in of ways to keep Benny busy in the hospital. Thank you for sharing them with us.  I have already begun setting aside things to take with us.  It is quite appropriate we go in to the hospital around the time of Parshas Noach. Hopefully it won’t be as long, but in any case we have to prepare.  The hospital has very strict guidelines in which we are still learning about. The main points we have learned thus far is that we won’t  be able to eat in the room nor use the lavatory in the room. The other major concern is the limited amount of people that can go visit Benny during his hospital stay. We are told we can have 6 people, the same 6 over the course of the month.  As time draws near, IY”H sometime next week, we will learn more.

Until then, we are happy to be living as normal life as possible at home B”H.

Watch Video of Benny enjoying Yocheved B-Day Balloons: BenYo Bday



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