Benny is B”H recovering at home

B”H Benny is home recovering from today’s procedure. We hope he will not feel any discomfort.  IY”H this will be the last series of tests before he goes in for stem cell next week Wednesday.

We got to the hospital at 5:30 am and had to wait in the waiting room for about an hour while the receptionist entered in the necessary data.  Other patients were waiting as well. One of them, I recognized from a previous hospital stay. I remember I learned from this young lady a lesson on “losing eye lashes, ” as a result of chemotherapy. At the time, Benny had his magnificent trade mark,  thick, curly, long eyelashes, that had all the nurses giving him extra special attention.  This young lady told me that without eye lashes a person forgets to blink and as a result the eyes can become dry. The weight of our eye lashes automatically cause the eyes to blink and keep eyes moist. B”H Benny’s eye lashes have already begun to grow back and are beginning to reach the curling point. The question remains, will they curl?

Being that we are in a children’s hospital, we are only going to see pediatric patients. It’s never easy.  Everyone has their own individual and unique journey and yet everyone has so many things in common. One commonality today was no school.  Unfortunately, the tests these kids were taking were not Math, Science or English.  Well, maybe a little science, but not the kind we can study for.  As I sat with these children, I silently prayed that very soon they will be able to sit in a classroom among their peers and be able to take a spelling, math or history test and be done with this chapter in their lives.

Once Benny was taken into the operating room, we were escorted to a different waiting room.  Other families were also waiting for their children to come out of surgery. Some were watching the news, others reading magazines, or drinking coffee while talking on the phone. B”H we had our Tehillim with us and the army of Tefillos from all of you. Thank you Auntie Shira for arranging a Tehillim group today.  At times, I find it difficult to say the words Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah.  Not because Benny doesn’t need it, the opposite. I find myself in a state of disbelief that I have to be Davening for my precious baby to be cured and pray that he grows up to be healthy, strong and live to a ripe old age.

Today, B”H we were given an extra Tefillah of Hallel to say in honor of Rosh Chodesh.  As I’ve mentioned before, one of Benny’s favorite activities is putting a blanket on his head and shoulders, hold a Siddur in his hands, and sway back and forth, and Daven..  That is exactly what Benny did today when he got home from the hospital. He was accompanying Chazan Helfgot in the background, singing songs to Hashem. It is fascinating to watch Benny conduct his hands according to the rhythm of the music.  I look forward to the day when he will one day perform IY”H (with G-D’s help)  and what a performance it will be!

As Parsha Noach (Torah Portion Noah) draws nears, so is Benny’s journey of stem cell. I saw a video today from Partner’s in Torah discussing , Hashem telling Noach one of the things he is to include in the Teiva (Ark), a skylight. The video goes into detail about the meaning whether it is an actual window or a precious stone. Each symbolic of light. Light can go in and out of a window. That represents looking out and seeing how you can help another who is going thru a difficult situation. How can you bring light into their life?  The stone only can receive light from within. This represents that we must look in and not out. We must make sure not to neglect our own family.

I am trying to prepare, what to take into our Teiva (Ark), who to take, and how to care for those that I cannot take, primarily my other children. Over the last several days, I have received many creative ideas from family and friends, all Team Benny members, that IY”H will be beneficial for Benny’s stay in the hospital.

Benny is sleeping… I must sleep too!

Sweet Dreams.



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