Procedure in a few hours…please daven

We have to wake up in a few hours so I’ll be brief tonight.

B”H we had another wonderful day outside in the fresh air by the ocean. Benny enjoyed playing with his cousins on the slides, in the sand and on the swings. He also managed to meet a few new dogs and chase the birds away, all with his winner smile.

Tomorrow, we have to be in the hospital bright and early at 5:30 am.  I am so exhausted just thinking about it. The fatigue should be the worst of it! Benny has one more procedure to go thru before he is admitted for the stem cell treatment next week IY”H.  The procedure will take place IY”H at 7:30 am. If you happen to be up and have time to say a Kapital (chapter) of Tehillim (Psalms) or have extra Kavana (concentration) during your Davening (praying) tomorrow for  Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah, we are forever grateful. Being that is Rosh Chodesh Chesvon, we are blessed with extra strengths. We just have to tap into those forces by asking the Holy One Above.  As we request of you to Daven for our son, I pray to Hashem, that you should never have to ask others to pray for your children. May Hashem grant you all good health and happiness for 120 years. May this month of Chesvon turn into joy and happiness, Refuos and Yeshuos for all.

Please Daven that the Dr.’s are successful in what they need to do and that Benny IY”H will be safe and have good results.

Benny having fun with his cousins in the sand

Benny in his “Superman” pj’s – ready for battle in the OR (operating room) tomorrow!

Watch Benny swinging with his cousin Binyomin : Swinging w Binyomin

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