We did it!

This morning I took my kids to the Dr. to get the flu shot. While I was there I asked the Dr. if she would be so kind as to give me one as well.  She was happy to oblige. Little did she know what she was getting herself into or for that matter her entire staff. My kids were great and didn’t make a peep. I on the other hand, requested for the smallest needle, squeezed my daughter’s hand tight, had an ice pack handy and a cup of water. Even after all those previsions, once I got the shot I had to lie down on the floor literally as all the nurses and doctors watched in disbelief. My kids were laughing, including Benny who was most surprised of all. I was too faint to be embarrassed .  B”H after about 25 minutes of cold compresses, and the nurse fanning a paper at my face I got some color back in my face and was able to leave.  It’s a good thing my kids went first, because they sure wouldn’t want to go after me!   I hope and pray that today was the worst part of what is to come.



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