Feels like the Night before Yom Kippur

Now that I have had more than 36 hours to recover from the shot, I am feeling much better to write.  Although, the hour is late and I should be sleeping as this will be the last night for many weeks that I will be able to get a decent night sleep, I will take a few minutes to update the blog.

Yesterday afternoon after the flu shot episode, I rewarded the kids by taking them out for pizza and then back to school. Benny on the other hand went with me to the market to pick out some treats and then to the Aquarium Store to look at the hundreds of unusual fish in the tanks.   Later in the evening he danced and sang with his brothers and even gave his own solo performance for about 25 minutes using a Karaoke machine. It was a moment to savor. One that I will replay dozens of times this month.

Tomorrow is the big day IY”H.  It is a strange feeling. At times it feels like the night before Yom Kippur, have we done enough to prepare? We are going away, only 4 miles from home, yet the planning and the packing seems like we are heading to a 3rd world country. B”H CHLA is a state of the art hospital with doctors expert in their field, so that is not a concern. Our main concern is of course Benny’s health during his next phase of treatment. I have spoken to numerous parents who have gone thru this with their own children to learn as much as possible.  Each child is different, but the overall census was that we are in for a very challenging time.

I try my best to make the best out of a situation even though it may not be a good one. So instead of going in tomorrow with an attitude that it is going to be horrible, I am trying to find ways to lighten it up. I spoke with one of the head nurses today, asking her for a fork lift to be ready to cary all our belongings to the room. That is of course after we walk the red carpet that was laid just for Benny!  I also got a few posters to decorate the room and some cute T shirts for Benny to wear that should give the nurses and doctors a good laugh. They say, “laughter is the best medicine” – one my Zaida Ben O”H (may he rest in peace)  firmly believed, let put it to the test.

Thank you all for helping me get ready for Benny’s next treatment. Whether is was through gifts that we received, ideas of projects sent in via email, phone calls and endless words of chizuk (strength), IY”H all our efforts combined will be the recipe for a safe, quick and successful journey to Benny’s complete Refuah (cure).

Five months ago Benny broke records by having the highest count for a stem cell collection or harvest, through your Tefillos and Zechusim (merits) . Let us do the same for seeding of his cells. Let us pray that the chemo he receives does no harm, let the transplant of his stem cells have a healthy reaction and let his blood counts rise in record time which will enable him to go home with an early departure.

To be continued…

Watch Benny admire the fish: Fishswimming

Watch Benny Perform Live! karaoke  and karaoke1




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