Mission aborted… a few more days

We didn’t sleep much last night anticipating today’s departure.  The morning went pretty smoothly getting the children off to school and tying up lose ends.  We loaded up the car with a month or two full of belongings and went on our way. I had already warned the doctor yesterday that we would be needing a fork lift to bring in all our belongings.

We checked in for our appointment with Benny’s doctor around 2 pm.  Benny first needed to be examined before  he would be admitted to the hospital. We had a long wait,  but managed to keep Benny happy in the hospital playroom. First, Benny’s volunteer friends from Songs of Love  performed their usual songs. However, when Benny entered the room they changed song to one of his favorite songs,”Tonights going to be a good night, ” in our version “Benny’s going to have a good day!” An hour later another volunteer arrived who is a song writer for Disney and entertained the young children with additional songs and jokes.  Benny was more interested in playing with a toy coffee maker and pouring the water in  and out of it.

We finally saw the doctor around 4 pm.  After Benny’s examine it was determined that he had a bit of a cold and the doctor felt more comfortable waiting a couple more days before starting treatment.  So back in the car we went and home sweet home we are.

All of you who prayed for our quick return home, it worked, maybe just a little too fast!

Today was like preparing for a space shuttle launch. The astronauts are dressed in their gear, the shuttle is loaded, the crowd is anxiously awaiting for take off, the count down begins..10,9,8,7,6,5,4.. and then a light starts flashing. Before you know it the mission is aborted and out of the aircraft the astronauts appear. They aren’t waving either!

So much planning went into today.  What are the kids going to eat? Where are they going to sleep? Who will do homework? Then, there were the arrangements made by the hospital especially for Benny; ensuring we had a nice room (with a view of course), kosher food for Benny, and a 3 hour class given by Rabbi Ten of Bikur Cholim educating the nurses about Judiasm (dietary and Shabbos).

Once the “mission” was called off, at first it feels like you can’t go home, you already said your goodbyes. Then you say to yourself, “OK  now that we don’t have to go in and everything else at home is in place, where should we get away too?” Well of course the thought disappears just as fast as it arrives.

B”H we are not disappointed. We know everything has its time and place and today wasn’t the time nor the hospital the place.  We will have to reevaluate Benny’s cold on Friday to see if Friday will be the day or Sunday IY”H. In the meantime we have more time to collect more Tefillos and Zechusim.

Thank you all who have signed up so far to learn on Benny’s behalf and all of those in need of a Refuah.

Benny looking pretty dapper in his new outfit for the hospital.  The doctor and nurses got a good laugh!  He’s now out on good behavior.


5 thoughts on “Mission aborted… a few more days

  1. Bshaa Tovah.
    Thinking of you and sending lots of strength your way…
    I want to distribute Asher Yatzer posters to all my neighbors here in Efrat, with Binyamin Chaim’s name attached to remember him when they say it. am trying to find them in a local store. Keep you posted on my plan!

    • Thank you . that is so kind of you. I will be posting an Asher Yatzor spreadsheet on the site tomorrow. Maybe you can use that.
      How did it go getting the kids off today?

  2. You guys always keep such a great attitude in the ups and downs of this path you are on. I saw a funny t-shirt for a baby too that said, “Just did 9 months in solitary confinement”! Glad to hear that Benny is released for the moment on good behavior. Hopefully he can have his treatment soon and all of the pieces will fall into place easily for the other parts of the equation. Kind of frustrating to have to do a practice run though when it is so involved to get there in the first place. You are doing an amazing job keeping on course though so just wanted to encourage you to stay the course. You are on a marathon run, not a sprint so the races are long and hard. I wish it was short and fast though. I’m sure you do too. ~Lisa

  3. Dear Faigie & Ari,

    I just happened accross this site when searching my grandson (also Benny Brecher’s) name.

    I would just like to let you know that I say thillim (10 perokim a day) as well as learn tomer Devorah every night and have your beautiful son, Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah, in mind. I also have you both in all of my teffilos.

    WIshing him a major refuah shlaimah very soon.

    Cousin Yossie.

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