Leich Leicha – Go out…

Just like the weather, always changing and so unpredictable so is Benny’s admission in to the hospital. No complaints on our end! As we know, everything has its time and currently the new scheduled time is this Monday IY”H.  Hopefully, Benny’s cold will have gone away and he will be well enough to start treatment.

In the meantime, we enjoyed a day at the park on Thursday, taking a train ride, riding in a wagon and sitting on a pony, followed by a refreshing ice cream.

We look forward to resting over Shabbos and enjoying time with our children.  Benny is looking forward to dancing and singing at the Shabbos table.

We heard a lot of Challah was baked on Benny’s behalf this Shabbos. Thank you!  We sure hope it tastes good. Save Benny a piece, Challah is one of his favorite foods.

The following is a summarized Dvar Torah I read  – Rav Simach Zissel Brody (as quoted by Rabbi Frand)
In this weeks Parsha Leich Lecha, it discusses the tests Avrohom was challenged with. The first, being in Ur Kasdim when Avrohom was thrown into a fiery furnace.  The Torah is silent about this dramatic event and rather mentions the test of “Leich Lecha”, when Avrohom is told to leave his ancestral home.   The first test was a grand and public event, the second was most likely not seen by anyone. Avrohom was alone with his family, no public cheers.
These two challenges have two different qualities, the first being public and a greater chance of rising to the occasion, the second is less glamorous where there is no audience to capture the deed or recognition.  Yet Avrohom has the courage and fortitude to do what is right.
While we and  Benny’s have undergone multiple challenges throughout his treatment that have been out there in the open, there are so many under the radar that aren’t exposed. We pray that Hashem gives us the passing grade and and strength to get thru those challenges as well.
This week Benny was told to Leich Lecha (go out) and not stay in the hospital for treatment.  And so we will B”H be able to enjoy another Shabbo in the comfort of our home.
Good Shabbos!
Click on Video of Benny riding the Train and Wagon Ride : Benny at Griffith Park

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  1. hi ari and faigie, i haven’t had any luck sending these comments but i thought that i would try one more time. my thoughts and prayer are with you constantly and i try to get bi-weekly updates from zaidi lazar. i may not bake challah but i certainly make up for it with lots of asher yatzars over a 24 hour period every day. i love your blogs and read them every day and especially enjoy the videos of your sweet little binyomin chaim. lots of love, cousin joani

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