Shabbos – Mid Week

As many of you who follow Team Benny live back east I thought I would write about the similar feelings we may be sharing at this moment in time. These past few days or more for that matter, you have been warned about this dangerous storm that is about to touch down. All you can do is try and prepare for what may be the worst storm Chas Veshalom (G-D Forbid), either by stocking up with the necessary provisions such as; food, water,  batteries, radios etc.. and finding a secure and safe shelter.  We have been stocking up as well with snacks that Benny likes, toys, books, music, decorations for his room, pi’s, and more (special thanks to the many friends and family members who helped).

Last week as the storm began to evolve, we attempted to enter our new shelter, however, it was too early. So tomorrow is the day that IY”H if Benny gets clearance, will join you in entering our new shelter, along with all the provisions that we think we will need to get us through this unpredictable storm.

Let us hope and pray that the precautions we took in securing the safety of our loved ones was just that, a precaution. Let the storm pass just as quickly as it arrives and leaves without a trace – no harm done!

What will be? We don’t know. Yes it is scary!!!  However, now that we have done our preparations, it is time to wait and more importantly pray.  The last several months, one common phrase he heard dozens of times,  “we are storming the Gates of Heaven for Benny’s complete recovery.”  If there is any storm at all, channel it to the Heavens Above, storm the Gates of Mercy, the Gates of  Refuah (cure), the Gates of Salvation and protect us all from harm below.

With no school, no means of transportation, no work,  maybe no electricity, enjoy the next couple of days with your family, play a game, read a book together, learn a Sefer, bake some cookies (Benny loves chocolate chip!), or take a nap.   A Shabbos mid week!  We will try and do the same over the next month.

Benny enjoying his day, what could be better!


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