B”H Benny is sleeping comfortably. We were admitted to the hospital this afternoon.  It has been a day of learning about rules and regulations that are in place on the BMT (bone marrow/ stem cell  transplant) floor.   I would like to to refer to BMT as Benny’s Mitzvos (good  deeds) Tefillah (prayer) that he will need to get him thru this difficult journey ahead.  The rules are set in place to protect the patients from any germs.  Benny can have up the 6 visitors, the same visitors for the duration of his stay, only 2 at a time. Benny is the only one permitted to eat in his room. Parents have to go out  of the room to eat and use the restroom.  Benny is not allowed to leave his room either. The difficult time is when either I or Ari leave the room and Benny cries for us. Hopefully, this will be the most difficult part of the whole process.

We have begun to unpack our bags and settle in. Tomorrow we will decorate Benny’s room with posters and wall decals.

Tomorrow morning Benny IY”H  will begin his treatment. He will receive chemo over the next 96 hours followed by a few idle days, then he will receive his stem cells and then we wait for his body BE”H (G-D Willing) to begin to producing his own cells and build up his immunity.

(5 hours later)

Benny woke up at I was concluded this post. He was not a happy camper. In fact he was frantic! Crying and screaming to get out of the room.  I had to call Ari to come back to the hospital, as he went home for the night to be with the other children. Finally about 2 hours later, Benny calmed down and fell back asleep.  It has been a long night.

As many of you back east are just waking up, that is if you got any sleep at all, know that I have been up with you through out the night asking Hashem for your safety and well being.  You are about to embark on a journey of rebuilding as are we. G-D Willing as the sun rises and you are able to asses the damage, hopefully it will just be mild, and will be able to be repaired. The main thing is that you and your family are all safe and remain safe and healthy.   Benny’s road to recovery is somewhat similar, however, the duration is longer. He must first receive his chemo which will destroy his cells (IY”H only ones that need to be), and then begin to rebuild his system with healthy strong cells.  This will not be a fast moving storm as you all have experienced, but hopefully will feel that way.

We will continue to Daven for your safety as we ask of you the same for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah. May we all be Zoche to share in only Simchos together and the Geula Shelema very soon.



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  1. As we were at home yesterday thinking of ways to pass the time during the howling winds and rain , I decided to go to the grocery store ( oh, for about the fifth time ) and buy flour to bake challah. So while stuck at home , watching the lights flickering , I baked challah with the zechus for Benny’s quick refuah and yeshua in my tefilah!! May his recovery from the treatment and the entire machla be as speedy and as painless as possible. He is in our thoughts at all times!! May you and Ari continue to have strength and bitachon on this journey!!! We love you and miss being able to be of any hands on help, so we continue to help you in the ways we are able to. The Brooklyn Brauns.

  2. I remember my friend who went through this a few years ago. She described many of the same scenes. It must be so so hard when you can’t comfort your baby. You are an amazing mom! My heart is with you,

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