Beep Beep Beep

It has taken a couple of days to settle in.  We are on day three in the hospital and Benny is still trying when he gets the chance to escape out of the room. Unfortunately for him, he cannot open the door.

Last night as we began to settle in for the night, there was a loud siren on the floor. It was the siren for “code blue.” There were dozens of doctors and nurses running down the hallway to a patients room. Part of the commotion was a mothers cries heard in the hallway.  This went on for about an hour.  It was quite frightening to hear and see and brought the reality of the situation home. There are children here really sick.  We pray that we Chas Veshalom (G-D Forbid)  never  encounter that fear and pain and that Benny is safe throughout his course of treatment.

The remainder of the night was a great deal of beeping and more beeping. The machines are very sensitive to  air bubbles in the lines in which the medications go thru and constantly set off the alarm sensor. Then there are the vitals that are taken every couple of hours and several others tests throughout the night. I finally downloaded an “app” on my phone that has white noise and turned it on to try and block out the constant noises.  Tonight I will try earplugs!

Throughout the day today, Benny had visitors of former nurses from previous hospital visits coming to say hi. They were all dressed up in costume. He even got some kosher candy. After all this is a children’s hospital. Although we don’t celebrate the holiday, it was nice to see the effort that the hospital staff go to to make the children as happy as possible.

(continuing Thursday night)

I wasn’t able to publish this earlier as Benny woke up as I was updating last night and it has been a whirlwind since.

B”H tonight is the first night since we are here that I am able to sit by the window sill, sip a hot tea and write the blog before midnight.

Last night the earplugs worked a little to help drown out the beeping noises. The constant vitals did not change, but there’s no way to get around that.

Today, Benny had a hard time.  The hospital pharmacy got delayed in sending Benny’s anti nausea medication and as a result he did not feel good most of the day.  I hope IY”H that it will be his first and last episode of nausea.  At one point in the day, when his nausea subsided his Bubbie was visiting. The moment Benny saw Bubbie, his eyes lit up, he stood up and reached his hands out to dance with Bubbie.  It was the highlight of his day and I think Bubbie’s too!




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