Sandy the Great – or is she?

Forgive me if your name is Sandy and you take offense for my post tonight. Please do not take it personally.

The past few nights, especially the first when I did not sleep at all, I turned on the weather channel to see and hear the latest about Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. I have been following it as all of us know someone affected by it. Over and over again we heard and saw how powerful Sandy was.

Last night, I spoke to a dear friend in New York who told me a story about her heroic efforts (in a modest way) in helping out her fellow neighbors in a place where she has a summer home. B”H she was not there during the storm, but went to visit it in its aftermath.

As she surveyed the area, the horror sunk in. Her entire neighborhood was under several feet of mud and devastation. She wasted no time in seeing what she could do to help. Aside from knocking on doors to find out how she can help, she rescued a family from their home and drove them to Brooklyn to be with family and friends. The Chessed (kindness) did not stop there. She then went to the grocery, filled up a cart full of staples, bought a phone – charged it and send it in a car service back to the neighborhood for her neighbors who were without food, and electricity.   Then the next morning she once again went with fresh food to feed her neighbors. These neighbors who benefited from this family’s kindness do not share the same religion. It did not matter. It is from acts of kindness like that show who is the true “great one.”

Sandy, you may have been great, strong and powerful. But you were great in destruction!  The story above demonstrates the greatness in construction!  We have it in every one of us to be great, so much greater than Sandy the Great “Destructionist”.  Start with one act of kindness and you will see how great it can become. Chessed (kindness) , Tefillah (prayer), and good deeds are the tools to rebuilding and achieving Greatness!  Imagine yourself to have the Koach (strength) of Sandy and channel it for the good.  Yes, we have to do something about “Global Warming,” so these acts of mother nature do not continue to occur.  But the Global Warming I am referring too is the acts of kindness  Bein Adam L’Chavero ( between man/woman and his/her friend).

As I sit here in the hospital and think about the situation we are in, the illness, the destruction of this disease I could easily feel despair if I let myself go there. Instead, I chose to focus on the positive that has come out as a result of this situation.  It is thanks to each and everyone of you who have shown incredible acts of Ben Adam L’Chavero, that give us the strength to get thru each and every day.

So sorry Sandy – you are not “The Great.” It is the people whose lives you have effected that are “GREAT” and continue to become Greater!


2 thoughts on “Sandy the Great – or is she?

  1. Feigy, you always give me so much Chizuk! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Thank you for your inspiring words always. I’m making Challah soon – enough to make the brocha and pray for a complete refuah for Binyomin Chaim. I wish you a peaceful Shabbos, to you and the whole mishpacha. Love and hugs, Esty Frankel-Fersel

  2. Wow! So clearly written. What a message and lesson!! If we can all take just one small lesson and change, from Sandy or any crisis, may it be a zechus for a refuah for Benny and all of Klal Yisrael.
    As we are preparing to enter Shabbos, Benny and all of you are on our mind. May your Shabbos be as serene, and peaceful as possible. We are thinking of you in the hospital, and hope that you are all out of this soon in health.
    Good Shabbos,
    Ari and Shaindy

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