Benny needs your help

Dear Family and Friends –

After a beautiful and restful Shabbos spent with his Mommy and Daddy in the hospital, Benny had a difficult night. B”H he received all of the chemotherapy he is intended to get (may it be the last chemo of a long long long healthy life – AMEIN!). However, the effects are definitely starting to kick in. Benny has trouble keeping any food in his system and, last night, he developed a fever. We are davening that it should not be an infection, and if it is (Chas V’shalom) that the antibiotics work quickly to counter it before Benny’s counts drop (expected to happen in the next two to three days).

He needs as many tefillos and zechusim as possible to get through the next few weeks.

Please take a moment to say tehillim for him today (pasted below). Also, please take part in one or both of the campaigns being waged on his behalf.

This is something that everyone (even young children) can participate in.
Please take a moment and join in our Asher Yatzar campaign on behalf of Benny’s complete Refuah! This is a great
way to include your kids, and is a tremendous mitzvah. We would like to collect 613 mitzvos a day – (correlating to the 613 body parts & sinews)-during Benny’s hospital stay.The Chofetz Chaim and other Great Sages write that the reciting of Asher Yatzar with
the proper Kavanah (sincerity, devotion, intent) and from the written text, has the power to help one have a healthy body all of their life. (also available on the top right of
Join with hundreds of others in completing Torah, Neviim, Kesuvim, Mishnayos, and Talmud Bavli by next summer (sometime in late June or
July). In the week since this was launched we are well past half way to this ambitious undertaking on behalf Benny and other Cholim who desperately need our help. Please help us toward the goal of having commitments for all limudim in the next two weeks.
(also available on the top right of

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