“Day Zero” – very important day for Benny – Please Daven!!!

Dear Family and Friends –

My apologies for the barrage of emails over the last few days. Today is one of the most important days in Benny’s journey to a Refuah Shelaima Min Hashamayim. The doctors on the Bone Marrow Transplant ward call it “Day Zero”. Today Benny gets his stem cells that were harvested months ago. These stem cells are needed for his body to recover its ability to fight infection after the high dose chemotherapy he received this past week. From here on out, our anticipation builds to when the cells “engraft” and his body can sustain itself.

Benny has learned the art of “anticipation”: Anticipating when he can take his next regular bath, go swimming, sleep uninterrupted, leave his small hospital room, feel ok, play with his brothers and sisters, and many other “small” things that most children his age take for granted. Benny has the great book given to him by his friends Walter and Esthie. The singing book has all sorts of hebrew tefillos that he can play. Last night and this morning, Benny fixated on the song Ani Ma’amin (see the video – Bennys Emunah). The selection couldn’t be more appropriate.

We are asking everyone to take a few minutes sometime between 1130 and 12pm today (PST), to say tehillim for Benny and in the zechus of all of these tefillos we will see Benny recover in record time.


Ari, Faigie, Benny and the Brecher klan

2 thoughts on ““Day Zero” – very important day for Benny – Please Daven!!!

  1. I constantly have Benny in my Tfilol. May he have a Refuah Shlaimoh Bemhera!He should have a recovery ‘keheref ayin”!!!!! Please keep us updated whenever you can how today was for him.
    Thank you!!!
    Dani Perlmutter

  2. Today after shachris i was in a rush and didnt have the time to say the tehillim that i say everyday for Benny. At little after 2:30 when i finished mincha i said my tehillim that Hashem should send Benny a complete rafuah. Now after reading your post i relize i ended up saying tehillim at about 11:30 LA time wich is when you said it was needed! Hashem is holding your hands and iy”h Benny will go home soon!

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