Out of Gas? Out of Energy!

Last night was an “all nighter.”  Benny did not react well to some pain medication he was receiving and basically could not be comforted until the medication was stopped and left his system.  He settled down around 4:30 am.  At one point in the early am, I found myself crying to the nurse and saying “it’s just not fair.”  I was out of energy! As I was saying it, I know life is not about being fair, but I was feeling sad for our innocent little Benny. It’s so difficult to watch anyone in pain, let alone a young child.

B”H today, Benny was able to rest most of the day. He doesn’t have much energy as his blood counts are at zero.  He was in need of a blood and platelet transfusion which only finished about an hour ago. IY”H these transfusion should give him a boost and the protection he needs during this vulnerable state.

The nursing care in the BMT (bone marrow section) of CHLA is outstanding. The nurses and doctors are extraordinary talented, warm and compassionate. Although this ward is run in a state of  “lock down,” patients are not to leave the room, among many other strict rules we know it is for the protection of the patients.

We were able to move rooms today, to a corner room, with a nice view and more importantly, more room to Benny to play in or ride in his stroller.  The move took a couple of hours. It is crazy how much stuff we have already accumulated in just 10 days. We can’t take any chances with the attention span of an almost 2 year old IY”H.

Regarding the Super Storm Benny Campaign.

I know many of you are suffering back east, your cold, hungry, have no gas and have not been able to go home!  Just know you are in our thoughts and Tefillos and are going to do what we can to help in this time of need.

I am in constant contact with several organizations in the 5 Towns, Bell Harbor, Long Beach and Bays Water and gathering information as to what their needs are. As soon as I have the necessary information for the drive, I will print flyers for all the schools & shuls and put out an email of where the drop off locations will be. In the meantime, if anyone would like to participate in this drive, please let me know. Thank you!

IY”H in the Zechus of all of us helping one another and the Achdus (togetherness), there will be an end to all the pain and suffering.


2 thoughts on “Out of Gas? Out of Energy!

  1. Wow…………..So nice to hear that you can think of others when you are in so much need for yourselves right now. Please let us know if there is something that your family needs. We are happy to help.

    Praying for little Benny to have a good night of rest tonight.

  2. Dear Benny and family
    Wanted to let you know that you are in our tefilos very often . My sister in Eretz Yisrael arranged for a yeshiva to daven for you ( believe it was yesterday) .
    רפואה שלימה
    Ronnie and zisi wachsberg

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