Akeidas Yitzchok

It has been a rough couple of days so far.  This is our 12th day at the hospital.  We are on “day plus 3” since transplant.   B”H Benny has so far avoided any infections, however, he continues to still spike a fever, have chills, mouth sores, skin irritations, without being too graphic have many diaper changes while coughing up whatever he drank. He isn’t eating anything.  Every time he spikes a fever, blood cultures are drawn to test for infection. This next week he will be monitored very closely.  The nursing care here is amazing, as I have said many times before.

Last night it took a long time for Benny to settle down. He was so uncomfortable. His nurse came in and told me I should go out and take and break and she will watch him.  I took her up on it, as tears rolled down my face. Plus there are specific hours to use the shower and time was running out!

I hope Shabbos (Sabbath) will bring the Menucha (comfort) he needs. May the Kiddush and Challah be soothing and healing to Benny’s mouth and digestive track. Related to the Parsha (weekly Torah portion)  of Chaya Sara, the final test of Akeidas Yitzchok (Isaac), hopefully IY”H this to will be Benny’s final test and Hashem will bring him the complete Refuah Shlema that he needs.  May the campaign “Super Storm Benny” be a Zechus (merit) for him and all the cholim (ill) a complete Refuah.

Below are pictures of Benny’s Room. We try and make it as cheerful as possible. Note the max of people allowed in the room are two!  The nurses had a good laugh with the sign we put up.

One thought on “Akeidas Yitzchok

  1. Dear Faigie,
    you are a Super Mom, a truly exceptional person. Your strength comes through with every word you write. And when you feel your spirits flagging, just know there’s all of us out here holding you up! We just got our Asher Yatzer posters, in honor of Benny.
    My Shimmy who is three already knows that when we light Shabbos candles, we say a special refuah shelemah for Binyamin Chaim…

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