A Time for Prayer

B”H Benny is finally sleeping.  It took most of the day about 10 hours to settle Benny down to a comfortable state. The challenge was the medications the doctors recommended for pain, in the past have caused Benny to be jittery and climb off the walls. Also added to the mix was his respiratory rate fluctuating as a result of the mucous build up and the medication given to help with the pain. Being that every child acts differently to medications there is no one particular drug that the doctors can say will work. It’s about trying something and waiting to see how Benny will respond. Then you have to weigh the pros and cons.  Over the course of the day the doctor on call was in the room about 12 + times discussing what we can do next to help Benny get thru the next few days.  Bottom line, it is up to Hashem when He decides that Benny will begin to reproduce his white blood cells. Once this happens all these symptoms will go away fairly quickly.

We were warned many times over from our doctors that this was going to be a hard week. They were not wrong, although on this I wish they were. Each morning Benny is woken to have his labs drawn anywhere between 4 and 6 am. We eagerly await for the morning when the nurse reports back that his blood counts have begun to rise. Benny just wants out of here so badly.

Thank you to those that have signed up for the Asher Yatzor and that have actually involved their Talmidim and children. There is no greater Tefillah prayer than that of an innocent child davening for another.

The  Super Storm Benny will begin its collections tomorrow. IY”H in that Zechus Benny will have a full recovery. Thank you for all the contributions thus far.


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