Day +5 Benny needs YOU!

It’s only Sunday morning and oh how I wish it was Shabbos.  Once Benny settled Firiday night after a very intense few hours, it was clear that he benefited from the special powers of Shabbos. As Ari mentioned in his previous post, Benny had fallen asleep on my lap as he was ready to make Kiddush. He gently dabbed some grape juice on Benny’s lips for Kos Shel Bracha, in which Benny quickly responded. He woke up and reached out for the rest of the cup and drank it all up. I closed my eyes and prayed that Hashem take away his pain and that the Shabbos should bring him the healing that he needs.  I can’t say Friday night was easy, with the machines beeping over 12 times, nurses and doctors coming in to check on Benny, but he wasn’t in pain.

Last night, Benny was in pain.  His white blood cells remain at zero and as a result Benny has developed Mucositis.  IY”H it goes away once his counts start to climb. In the meantime from the mouth down to his diaper area is raw. There are numerous pain medications to give, but Benny doesn’t seem to respond well to them. Instead of calming him, it causes him to be even more agitated.

We are now at “day +5” since stem cell infusion.  The doctors say it may take anywhere from +8-12 days for his body to begin producing cells. In the meantime I do feel there is something we can all do for Benny over the next few days to help ease the pain.  B”H Benny has a huge team supporting him.  It should only take a couple minutes out of your day.  Since he doesn’t have the healing of Shabbos with him, he needs the healing powers of the Bracha (Blessing) of Asher Yatzor.  Please take a moment to sign up to recite at least one Asher Yatzor with proper Kavanah for a Zechus that Benny heals immediately without any pain.  Please forward this request to your family and friends. Consider your Bracha to be the one that heals Benny! We need 613 a day. Benny has broken the stem cell collection record here at CHLA, please help him set the new record for his body to begin producing white blood cells today!

IY”H we hope the next post is more uplifting and that we can report Benny’s counts are beginning to climb and that he is pain free.





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