Day +6

Day + 6 from stem cell transplant.  We’ve been warned by the doctors that this was going to be an intense time. And so it is. What we seem to forget from hospital visit to visit are those small tests. I am not referring to CT’s, MRI’s or others,   I am referring to those tests that help fine tune our character traits.  On an average day there are between 12-20 different workers, be it doctors, nurses, charge nurse, pain management team, social workers, speech therapists, cleaning crews, dietary, and the list goes on.  The one that affects your day/night most is the nurse who is assigned to you for a period of 12 hours to take care of most of your needs.

There are all types of nurses. Most well qualified. However, there is more than medical knowledge that makes a good nurse. Yesterday, for whatever reason we did not mesh well with the one assigned to Benny and it was a countdown until her shift was over.  We still aren’t quiet sure why she had an attitude the moment she walked in!  Personality, religion, we’ll never know.   The good thing is that we were able to request for her to be removed from Benny’s team.  Needless to say, it was a long day of working on the Middot (characteristics) of patience and Simchas HaChaim (happiness from within).  Waiting for the machines to be turned off after the beeping started, waiting for the pain medication to be given, waiting for clean linens after Benny soaked thru them. The other difficulty is how to interact with by someone that you feel does not like you but that you need.

Throughout the day, I was thinking of those affected by “Sandy” and how their lives have been disrupted. They too will have to meet dozens of new people, whether it be those that help them physically, or thru advice. Then there are the contractors, vendors and all sorts of workers that will be part of their lives over the next several months.  There will be a lot of waiting … call backs to set up appointments, surveyors to asses the damage, merchandise to come in, installation etc.  All in place to test or fine tune our Middos.

In a previous hospital visit months ago, we came across a similar circumstance with one of the nurses. At the time, emotions were high and instead of all our energy being focused on Benny it was consumed with frustration due to personality conflicts. B”H (Thank G-D) we learned our lesson which enabled us this time around  to remain calm and focus all our energy on Benny’s well being.

B”H today, Benny’s pain is better at being under control. He was started on an anti itch medication which seems to be helping him. He is sleeping more peacefully at the moment and we can only hope it will remain thru the night IY”H (G-D Willing).

The Asher Yatzor campaign, Super Storm Benny campaign, Hafrashas Challah, learning for the Siyum and 1000’s of other positive actions being done on Benny’s behalf are working.  Thank you!  Let us hope that tomorrow we will receive good news and that Benny begins to produce new healthy cells.  It will be an early birthday present and maybe  just maybe he will get to eat a piece of his birthday cake on Wednesday IY”H.


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  1. Me, josh and my 10 yr old Eliana have started Asher Yahtzer in your sons zchus for a refuah shelemah…amen!
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Faigie, you and Ari are very very special parents. It comes thru in every word you share with us.

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