It is early in the morning and I just got updated from the nurse that Benny’s 3 am labs show that his body is beginning to produce white blood cells. B”H this is encouraging news that he is on his way up and on his way out of here (hopefully within a week or less)! Let us hope he can enjoy his birthday today, fever free IY”H and have a piece of birthday cake.

For all of you who follow the blog, today is the day to respond. We are collecting Birthday wishes today!!! When Benny wakes up I will try and record his Birthday Bracha (blessing) to all of YOU!

PS. a special thanks to our dear friend Yehudis who made this 3 foot poster for Benny’s room !

13 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENNY!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LITTLE BENNY. MAYYOU CELEBRATE NEXT YEAR WITH ALL OF US IN A BIG BRTHDAY BLOG. I TRIED TO SEND A GREETING EARLIE THIS MORNING BUT FOR SOME REASON I GET ERASED. OH WELL, AS YOUU HVE DONE, I TRY AND TRY AGAIN. this news of your blood cells beginning to reproduce themselves is wonderful and miraculous. your zaida, ben, a/h/, is up there davening for you as well. today is danny and marcy aharon, your cousins’ eigth anniversary b.h. another 8 for you!!! (as in last night’s letter). this is danny’s second chance and b.h. the right one with four new cousins for you to have in 8 years. we are all rooting for you my dear. love to the whole family!

  2. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to Benny!
    Happy Birthday to you!!

    And many morrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee!!!

    Hoping he can have that pieced of cake but I’ll take new cells over cake any day!! So happy to hear this news!

  3. Dear Benny,
    I just met you a few moments ago via an e-mail and I love you already. Happy birthday. I’m going to have you in mind in asher yatzar bli neder, and also in my shmone esrai in refoenu, bli neder. In our family, our family tries to say brachos out loud. So when one person makes a bracha, it gives the rest of us the opportunity to answer amen. We have been told that answering amen brings great blessings into the world. One of the children’s teachers started this project in school, and I must say, it has really changed our lives. May this be a great source of merit for you, and may we soon hear of your complete and speedy recovery. May this be the beginning of many happy and healthy birthdays to come, and may we altogether be zoche to greet Moshiach very speedily and with great compassion.
    Love, Tante Chayie

  4. Happy Birthday Benny!! We love you. May this new year bring you only happy times shared with your incredible parents, siblings and grandparents. And of course your many fans and admirers who are rooting for you every day! When you watch all those balloons float up to the sky, please note that they are but a fraction of the hundreds of tefillos and zechusim that float up daily on your behalf storming the gates of heaven for your complete refuah sheleima. Love and kisses from New York! Tammy

  5. Wow! You’re 2 years old already kh!! Everyone is so proud of you, how nicely you behave, how big you’ve gotten. iyH may you be blessed with a year full of health, happiness, growth and love from your family and friends. Soon, G-d willing, you’ll be turning 3, then bar mitzvah, then married… 😉 We all enjoy seeing you in the beautiful pictures posted by your mom… Keep on smiling!

  6. All of us Brauns in Brooklyn would like to wish you a very happy and most importantly HEALTHY birthday!!!!!!! Hope you have an extra piece of cake for us!!! May you be zoche to grow up o be a Ben Torah among Klal Yisroel!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Benny!!!!! We love you and we miss you sooooo much!!!! Refuah shleima!

    Rachelli Chani Moshe Naomi Abby nat and ruthie fragin

  8. Mazel Tov, Benny on your birthday! I hope you had loads of fun watching the baloons go up. Wish we could’ve been there with you to watch it, it must’ve been amazing!
    Im going to send your present with Auntie Shira when she comes to Toronto. We love you and want you to feel all better real soon. Just know you have the best parents in the whole wide world.
    the Korobkin Klan

  9. Happy, simcha-filled future for our special birthday boy!!! May your future be free of any more suffering. It should be bright and sunny skies from here on out !

  10. Happy Birthday Benny!
    You bring so much joy to my life.
    You are the biggest hero that I have ever encountered.
    I wish you a long and healthy life, filled with great happiness until 120.
    At this time next year we will celebrate your upsherin IY”H along with your seudah hahodeah.
    My love for you is enormous.

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