Benny’s Having a Happy Birthday B”H

Today was a special day. Benny turned two B”H. We celebrated his birthday with family, friends, doctors, nurses and all of you Team Benny players right in his hospital room.

The party began at 12:45 outside on the children’s playground in the hospital. We ordered 3 dozen latex balloons, added a birthday post card to each balloon with a stamp on the cards and the hospital address. Hopefully when the balloon finds a new home they will return the post card stating where the post card came from. Being that Benny is restricted from leaving his room, he was left to observe the take off of the balloons from the window in his room. His brothers and sisters, grandmothers, cousins and friends, nurses and other staff members, waved from the playground and sang happy birthday before the balloon ceremony.  Benny retuned waves and blew kisses to all. He was fascinated in seeing the balloons take off and go way up in the sky.

As the balloons traveled, my cousin said use envisioned these balloons going to the Gates of Heaven to be an advocate for Benny and bring back down his Refuah.

This morning as we received the news that Benny’s counts are beginning to show signs of growth, I thought to myself how appropriate it is to occur on his birthday. Today, Benny begins a new year of his life with the help IY”H of the new cells that his body is beginning to produce today.

One of the birthday videos came thru this morning as I was heading to the rest room to wash up. As you will see for yourself it is truly uplifting and I was quite emotional with tears. When I returned to the room, I played the video for Benny and the most incredible occurrence took place. One small tear in his left eye formed and trickled down his cheek. He was clearly touched as much as I was.   Benny is not much of a cryer, but if he does cry, you will not see one tear. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen Benny’s tears. Today was one of those days that I was able to count his one tear! I recommend having a tissue nearby before opening the video.

Here are some of the videos that were sent in today. We have plenty more to upload, hopefully by tomorrow IY”H.



Please continue to pray that Benny’s blood counts rise and his fevers subside.  Don’t forget to spread the word about Super Storm Benny.  I

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