Day +10

Benny’s white blood cells continue to build. He went up yesterday from 50 to 310 and B”H he did not spike any fevers overnight. He played with his new Shabbos play set this morning and is now happily splashing in the bath getting all clean for Shabbos.

Last night around 5:55 I was getting ready to leave the hospital to attend the Bar Mitzvah of a very close friend. It was then that the head nurse informed us that they needed Benny’s room for a different patient and that we will have to move rooms in a couple of hours. I couldn’t believe this was happening. We finally were settled and comfortable in the hospital, but no it wasn’t meant to last. We not only were moved out of the most private and spacious room on the floor, we were moved into a room 1/4 of the size and a noisy location.  I was allowed to leave to the Bar Mitzvah, but unfortunately they hadn’t changed their minds when I returned. It took until about 12:30 when I finished putting up the last decorations in the room and toys in the right place. Being that we had to downsize, we send a lot home. Hopefully, it is an indication that we are going home soon. It’s also an indication that we can never get too comfortable where we are at, we are in Galus (Exile) ,  we have to always strive to grow and grow until we achieve the Geula (Redemption).

It’s interesting to note, when we first came in for stem cell transplant, it was the same day of Super Storm Sandy.  Then last night was around the same time of Operation” Pillar of Israel.”  Being that we were moved into a much smaller room I call it our “bunker,” and hearing many more machines beep or “sirens” going off, I thought of our loved ones in Israel and prayed for their safety throughout the night.

Let the Super Storm Sandy and Benny’s Super Storm transplant be the only storm that we have to endure and through the Achdus (togetherness)  that we continue to demonstrate be a Zechus for our brothers/sisters in Israel to ride through this new storm without any harm.  It can be done, we just have to continue our Tefillos (prayer), Tedekah (charity), and Chessed (kindness) and remain strong.

This Shabbos we should see the Refuah, the Yeshua and the Geula that we all daven (pray) for.  Please have Benny in mind during Kiddush and Challah that Benny should regain his appetite and be able to eat this Shabbos.

Good Shabbos.

Thank you Auntie Shira for finding some pictures of Zaida Ben O”H playing the Kipa Game




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  1. We are in Israel for a visit. We are davening for Benny. May we continue seeing good news on this blog. Thank you for thinking of us all here in Israel . May Hashemite continue watching over all of us.

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