Happy Rosh Chodesh Kislev

B”H Benny’s counts continue to rise. This morning he reached a number .6. He is now showing signs of producing white blood cells.  He has 50 cells as of this morning. He needs 500 for three days or 1000 for 2 to even think about the possibility of going home IY”H.  He also needs to be able to drink and eat a little and come off his pain medications.

In the meantime, Benny was able to play for a couple of hours and even smile once or twice. We haven’t seen his teeth in almost one week because he refuses to open his mouth due to the mucositis. Hopefullly, the smile indicates that his mouth is healing.

Watch Benny as he plays the new Zaida Ben O”H, Yalmuka (kipa) Game.  If any Genauer cousins has a picture of Zaida playing this game please email them to me. We will do a comparison!



One thought on “Happy Rosh Chodesh Kislev

  1. He is soooooo cute! He does look very happy too. So glad to see and hear that he is feeling better. The news of cell counts rising is also fantastic news!! Happy
    Thanksgiving!! This is great news to be thankful for.

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