Benny is Back!

B”H Benny woke up this morning fully charged. Over the past several days his ANC/white blood counts has been rising. The beginning of his new counts began Wednesday,  his birthday, but not enough to chart. Thursday was the first day that made it to the charts at 50. Followed by Friday at 310 and then Shabbos morning at 1150. Sunday morning measured 4300 and this morning B”H 8900. These are amazing numbers and are a result of your endless Tefillos.

B”H now that Benny’s counts are where they need to be, the doctors are able to wean him off his medications.  The only things preventing us from going home is his ability to hold on to his platelets (which B”H he did today) and his ability to eat and drink.

This past Shabbos during Kiddush Benny showed his first signs of interest in drinking. He drank about 2 oz of grape juice and some chocolate milk. Shabbos morning also brought back his winner smile and playful personality.

Ari and I were discussing the idea of “new beginnings.”  When a baby is born the gratification is enormous from a baby’s first smile to the first time a baby drinks his mothers milk.  Although, Benny B”H just celebrated his 2 year old birthday, we re-experienced these first stages this past week post transplant. Days and weeks went by as we waited anxiously for Benny’s cells to start reproducing on their own. The feeling of a great miracle taking place when you hold your new born is the same feeling we shared for the second time with Benny this past week. It also was an incredible lesson in realizing that this feeling should exist each and every day of our lives.

Unfortunately, we cannot celebrate Shabbos every day and since then Benny refuses to eat or drink. Now that the Bracha of Asher Yatzor clearly impacted Benny’s counts rising, maybe we can channel some new energy into having extra Kavana (concentration) in our Brochos over food and drink. It has been three weeks today that we are here in the hospital and Benny wants OUT!!!  Unless you have a tall ladder that reaches his hospital window or have the ability to give doctors orders to discharge him, please help participate in Benny’s Brochos campaign in getting his appetite back.

I hope to report later today by dinner time that Benny had something to eat or at least drink.

Also, there is still a couple more days to contribute to Super Storm Benny. Please do your part in helping fill up the truck!!!

Benny chilling with his best Zaida this morning.




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  1. Such a cute picture of Grandpa Allan with all smiles Benny! Hope to hear soon that Benny is eating you out of house and home!!!

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