Get me out of here!

“Get me out of here!” is a famous phrase known in our family that has been said over  thousand’s of times by our beloved Zaida Ben ZT”L. It’s from one of Zaida’s favorite made up stories about a little girl Sarala who falls into an enormous bag of popcorn while grocery shopping with her mother and can’t get out. Sarala is finally heard yelling “get me out of here” by the garbage men who safely return Sarala to who mother.  B”H Benny didn’t have to fall into any popcorn to get out, although, he did consider it!

Tonight/Tomorrow we celebrate Benny’s Hebrew Birthday IY”H. And boy what a celebration it is. Today we received news that tomorrow is the day Benny is going to be discharged.  We’re going home IY”H.  Benny’s counts are B”H great, however, he does need to regain his appetite.  We were able to convince the doctors that he would eat and drink better at home. I pray to Hashem we are right.  We don’t want to come back due to dehydration G-D forbid.

Just one week ago we celebrated Benny’s English birthday and the sprouting of his new cells coming to life. Tomorrow, we will IY”H celebrate life outside of these four walls – (Daled Amos).

It has been a long three weeks, 24 days. It almost feels like sleep away boot camp. The kind that you sleep out in the wilderness, with ‘out houses’, inedible food, no visitors and no privacy, and many drills at all hours of night.  In the course of these three weeks, as in camp you meet a lot of people. While some you may only meet once or twice, there are those individuals who you really get to know and develop a relationship with. In fact, as I am writing this post I just received a call from the security officer downstairs who heard we were leaving tomorrow and she wanted to say goodbye and exchange numbers.

We are forever grateful for the exceptional care Benny received on the BMT floor from an amazing team of doctors, nurses, child life specialists and all those in between like the hospital administrators, security guards, parking attendants, and housekeepers.   We are also so appreciative of those that were able to visit Benny & play with him, or just drop off things for him to play with. Zaida, who came every morning with breakfast, Bubbie, Babi & Auntie Shira, Aunt Devorah, Aunt Nechama, Shoshie, Yehudis, & Miriam who entertained Benny during the day and of course Benny’s brothers and sisters whom he loves so much.  We couldn’t have made it without the incredible support of Bikur Cholim and Chai Life Line.  A special thank you to those that helped run our home while we were away, doing homework with the children, babysitting, preparing dinners, grocery shopping, errands and taking the kids places. Most importantly, thank you to all of you who participated in getting Benny through transplant safely through your Tefillos and all the extra acts of Chessed you took upon yourself as a Zechus for Benny’s safe journey. Big thank you’s to those that contributed to Super Storm Benny, and to those that helped in the process; my father, Avigayil, Tamar, Aliza, Dena, Avigayil, Lauren and Raizy.

Three weeks of vulnerability is a long time. However it did give us the opportunity to reflect, day and night about the meaning of life, about the wonders of Hashem (G-D), about the amazing acts of Klal Yisroel (mankind).  I pray that we can continue to have these feelings of closeness with Hashem and Klal Yisroel without having to endure any more pain.

May the Achdus (togetherness) of Klal Yisroel be a shield and the protection our brethren need in Israel and may we all merit to live thru the Remdemption in our time.

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