Seudos Hoda

As many celebrated today across the globe including  Eretz Yisroel (Israel), we celebrated Benny’s home coming B”H. Today we had a mini rehearsal dinner for Benny’s Seudos Hodah (a meal of thanks) hosted by our close relatives the Buckman’s. Thank you Ari & Linda and family for throwing Benny a surprise birthday party with all the “carvings” and extra gravy.  Although, our journey continues with several more treatments over the next 5 months, we are so thankful to Hashem and all of “you” for helping us this far.

We would like to acknowledge our dear cousins in Israel (may they continue to remain safe) who went daily (while we were in the hospital) to pray at the Kever (grave) of our beloved Zaida Ben ZT”L (remember the righteous for blessing). They requested of our Zaida ZT”L to be an advocate for Benny before the Kisey Hakovod (the Holy Throne). We are forever grateful and look forward to celebrating Benny’s Seudos Hodah in Eretz Yisroel this coming year IY”H.

Benny wanted to spend most of the day outside. We all took turns taking him on walks in his stroller. He still does not have much of an appetite. We were told by his doctors that his sense of taste is altered, temporarily.  As his body continues to heal and rebuild itself so will his taste buds IY”H. Hopefully, very soon, especially because so many of you are adding extra Kavana (concentration) to your Brochos.

Since we are home from the hospital all we want to do is rest. It feels like we just got back from a trip around the world. We’ve never been around the world, but we can only imagine and now feel the jet lag! The duffles are still full of “stuff” from the hospital, they will have to wait for now.

IY”H Tomorrow, we are headed back to the hospital for an outpatient clinic appointment. We pray for it to go smooth and that if Benny needs a transfusion of platelets it should be a good match.

4 thoughts on “Seudos Hoda

  1. So beautiful Faigie and Ari, to have a Seudat Hoda. Thank you for sending us pictures.
    When are you thinking I”H to come to Eretz Yisrael?

  2. Baruch Ha-Shem that you’re home and hopefully will stay home . I learned Oarshat Bechukotsi and Behar as partvof the mitzvah campaign .
    Kol tov
    Zisi wachsberg

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