Programming a Two Year Old!

The past few days since we have been home from the hospital has been an adjustment. Although, Benny B”H just turned two, it feels like we are caring for a new born baby.  The only difference is Benny is able to call “mommy” & “daddy” all hours of the night from his room. What usually happens is, by the third time he ends up in our room for the night.  Then the fun begins. Benny starts pointing in all directions of where he wants to go, downstairs in the stroller, then back upstairs, then downstairs. This can go on for most of the night. The daytime has not been much calmer. Benny only wants to be held which wouldn’t be so bad if he allowed us to sit once in a while.

We keep reminding ourselves of what Benny has just been through and the tremendous toll it must have taken on his body.  Aside, from the irregular sleeping patterns, he has to be slowly coerced into eating and drinking as well as taking small steps down the hallway. So far the best therapy has been his siblings. Whether it be eating dinner as a family, reading books, playing games, or finding his brother’s goody bag from a friends birthday and eating all the nosh up.

On a happy note, Benny’s counts were B”H good on Friday and even though we had to go to the hospital for an appointment, he did not need a platelet transfusion. We have another appointment tomorrow IY”H.

We had a wonderful Shabbos together with our family, singing Zemiros and catching up on the month’s activities. We also enjoyed delicious homemade food courtesy of Nechama, Devorah and Tamar. Thank you for enhancing our Shabbos table. We hope and pray that we will be Zoche to enjoy all future Shabbosim at home together with our precious children IY”H.

On Motzei Shabbos (Saturday night), Rabbi Ten from Bikur Cholim, along with several other men came to our home for a Kumzits (singing get together). The boys really enjoyed singing and dancing.

Click on Video to watchkumzits

This week we will preparing for the next stage of treatment, Radiation which should begin in one to two weeks for 12 days (excluding weekends).







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