The current challenge we face is trying to get Benny to eat at least 1000 calories a day. Many foods that he used to like, he no longer shows an interest for the time being. Today, I thought I would try with ice cream. In the stroller and off to the ice cream store we went. Upon entering the ice cream store I asked the gentleman behind the counter to direct me to the ice cream with the most calories. He looked at me and said, “lucky you!”  I replied that it wasn’t for me, but for Benny.  B”H I did get lucky in choosing the right flavor. Benny enjoyed almost a full kiddie scoop of vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate mixed in. I also ordered a coffee milk shake for the freezer.  We also stopped by the local grocery to stock up in fruit by the foot.  He really seems to like that.

The other challenge I face is getting Benny to eat without me eating with him.  I am not the one the doctor is concerned about!

We are open to creative ways in getting Benny to eat, feel free to share!

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    • So creative. I love the ideas. Thank you for all your tips and research. I hope to try some pointers. I’ll keep you posted.

  1. hi faigie, my comments just never seem to go through but here i am trying once again. as for benny’s eating, of course most kids love pasta with anything, especially bubby’s meatballs. (healthy also) good with cheese also. (not together with the meatballs of course) you bubby jean’s recipe is the same as mine i’m sure. if not i will send it to you on another email address where i know you will actually get it. you might try different kugels also. potato, sweet noodle,even yerushalmy if it isn’t spicy. my kids (even danny, who was pretty fussy, always like hot dogs, especially the chicken ones, with bake beans, maybe not that healthy but lots of calories. have you tried chocolate chip cookies? do you remember that your bubby jean a.h. used to make them very tiny. they were really attractive to little kids. also the rice crispie treats with either marshmallows or chocolate ( and give you the recipes if you like. i’ll try to think of more “kid friendly” foods. in fact i have a cook book special for kids by susie fishbein. i’ll look up some recipes or ideas in there. soooo thrilled that benny is doing better. i am so much more careful in by brochot now and keep him in mind. may he go from strength to strength. lots of love, cousin joani

  2. Can he drink smoothies? Put peanut butter, chocolate syrup, they even make “weight on” powders to mix into shakes if he will drink a shake. Wish I could drink whatever shakes I wanted. I know you are concerned about his calories so I won’t joke about it. Good luck…………..Bribe him to drink the shakes with whatever his favorite other treat is. Make a race out of drinking it down with a sibling racing him.

    Good luck!! He sure is a cute kiddo.

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