Which bagel is it going to be?

This morning Benny enjoyed a nice walk in the stroller with his Zaida, his number one fan. He was even treated to a mocha ice blend from Coffee Bean.  As I mentioned yesterday, it is hard to eat alone, luckily Zaida joined Benny in a shake too!

My cousin Ahuva sent me this picture (photographed by Auntie Shira)  of Zaida Ben O”H enjoying one of his favorite treats. Can you see the resemblance?  Ok, so maybe the straws are a different color and Zaida has a few more hairs, but otherwise!

The rest of the day, Benny went on a trip downtown with his Mommy and close friend.  One of the stores I walked into, the store owner recognized me from a month earlier (prior to going into the hospital) and asked me how Benny is.  At the time, I mentioned Benny and gave him his name to daven for him. He then told me he has been davening for Benny since he met me last month. He also mentioned that the grandson of the Baba Sali was in town to give out Brochos (Blessings).  I told him that my husband had just met with the Rabbi an hour earlier.  Amazing timing!  I went to go get Benny who was with my friend outside to introduce Benny to this man and thank him for his Tefillos. Benny was polite, but showed a little more interest in the vintage cash register. The nice man even offered Benny to take the register if he wanted it.  I was truly amazed that this store owner whom I had only met once before, was praying for Benny throughout stem cell and today I was able to introduce him to Benny and say thank you! Although, I don’t see Benny as sick B”H, and have even begun to enjoy brushing my lips against the top of his hairless head (he has the softest head imaginable), I do find it necessary whenever possible to ask people to daven for his Refuah. I know Hashem loves to hear our prayers and if there is someone out there willing to ask Hashem on Benny’s behalf for his Refuah, why not sign them up to the task!  We are forever grateful as well.

When I got home I began to prepare dinner. The first dinner since I have been home.  B”H we have been very blessed with close family and friends who have done an incredible job in caring for my family this past month and feeding us delicious and nutritious meals.  I was up for the challenge today and B”H succeeded in cooking.  It was only vegetable soup and baked zitti, but they kids were happy.  The difficulty in making dinners is being able to put Benny down while I am preparing the food. He has been attached at the hip for many weeks now and won’t even sit unless he’s on my lap.  Today, I got lucky with 20 minutes of his sitting and watching me as I prepared dinner. As I prepared the soup and sliced the onions, Benny began whining for a piece. I gave in to him and watched as he took a bite. It didn’t take long before his face showed signs of dislike and quickly spit it out.  Then he pointed to the zucchini I was slicing and asked for that too.  I kept telling him it was not a cucumber, but he wanted it, and sure enough he ate two pieces. It wasn’t the calories I was looking to get into him, but he was at least willing to try. He also ate a few bites of a bagel with peanut butter in the center and then a few bites of a second bagel with the peanut butter on the top, and finally a third bagel flavored with chocolate chips. He liked that one warmed up. In total, he probably ate a 1/4 of a bagel, but I had to buy time and distract him as I prepared dinner without having to hold him. Unfortunately, he didn’t take a bite of dinner!  Tomorrow is another day IY”H (G-D Willing).   Thank you for sharing some creative food ideas and techniques to interest Benny. I will try and incorporate them soon.

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  1. I just emailed you a whole bunch of very fun food ideas for little Benny. Loved seeing him having a shake with his Zaida. My husband gets updates from Alan often about little Benny!! I wasn’t really sure about food restrictions but the whole point in all of the pictures was to get super creative with his food and make pictures with it. You will know his favorite shapes, characters, etc. You can do themes for the lunches and the websites (there are many of them if you Google Bento Box Lunches) and the list is endless with ideas for fun foods. I just listed a few for you in my email.

    Praying for you in the meantime!

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