One week of “Normalcy”

One week of “normalcy” B”H. What we call normal is not being in the hospital. Other than having to go in for a check up appointment, Hashem blessed our family to be together for one full week at home.   Sure life has it’s every day challenges, getting homework done, kids over sleeping in the morning (the mom too!) and a possible ear infection for Benny, but those are challenges gladly accepted.

Lately, Benny has not enjoyed taking a bath, I am not sure why. Maybe they were not that exciting in the hospital and it is one more thing we have to retrain him in. But, today I asked him “would you like to take a bath?” He said “no.” Then I said it’s for “Shabbos”. Before I had a chance to turn around, he had pulled down his pants and removed his diaper ready to go in the tub.  As a bonus he let me wash him all up and he even enjoyed playing with his toys.  Thank you Zaida for giving Benny a new bath toy this week.

Have a wonderful Shabbos!  I will be thinking of the inspirational story that Eli told over this week.  We look forward to hearing more this coming week.


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