Gearing up for next Phase of Treatment

Today, B”H Benny was feeling up to spending most of his day outdoors.  He enjoyed a nice long walk in his stroller to the Grove (an outdoor shopping center), got a new pair of Shabbos shoes, and slurped a mocha ice blend on the way home.  I figured I give him a good time today, because tomorrow may be a bit on the difficult side.

Tomorrow morning at 7 am, Benny enters into his next phase of treatment IY”H.  He is going  in for a cat scan which requires him to be put under sedation for about 2 hours. This scan is to prepare for the upcoming radiation within the next few days.  The radiation he will be receiving is a very low dose that takes just a few minutes over the course of 12 days.  Being that Benny is just 2, he will have to be sedated each day to ensure that he does not move in the slightest, while the treatment is administered. The sedation is what may be the difficult part of this next treatment. Benny is not allowed to eat or drink for many hours (4-6) before anesthesia.  The treatment center is about 45 minutes from our home, so it could get tricky trying to keep Benny happy without giving him a drink when he wakes up. The other difficult part is once Benny comes out of sedation IY”H, waiting for the anesthesia to wear off. This usually causes irritability for up to an hour or so.  The doctor expects the whole process to be about 3-4 hours a day outpatient.

Most likely, the radiation will be taking place throughout Chanukah. What could be a better time?!  Benny will IY”H have the miracle of Chanukah on his side.  The “light” that he will receive IY”H should only be filled with Refuos and Yeshuos. Something to please have in mind as you light your Menorah!

Please have extra Kavana in your Davening (prayers) tomorrow morning as Benny will be under anesthesia for a couple of hours.

Below are some more videos of the Marathon and other activities that hopefully will cheer him up as I remind him during his treatment.

run run

boat ride


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