Marathon Winners!!!

Congratulations to all the Chai Life Line runners  (70 total) who ran in yesterday’s Rock N Roll Marathon in support of Chai Life Line. Thank you Yehudis, Dena, Helena, Riki, Alyssa, Alison, Michel, Avi, Kalmen, Bayla,  who ran as members of Team Benny and raised large contributions for Chai Life LIne as a Zechus for Benny’s Refuah.

Words cannot describe how moving it was for Benny & I to cheer you on as you passed mile marker 3. While we were in the hospital last month for close to a month, I would tell Benny that if we get out of here early, I would love to take him to see the marathon in person.  I even wanted to run while pushing Benny in the stroller. Being that I wasn’t able to train, and I didn’t know what Benny’s health status would be, we were left to watch from the side lines, and boy was it exciting.  There were times that we did join in running with other runners, (there were too many people to take notice we did not belong). In total, we ran and walked for about 5 miles out of 13. That doesn’t include the 3 or 4 miles we walked to get to the marathon.

The past 48 hours was the first time in 8 months that we didn’t have to deal with doctor appointments or even think about it. I bet (not that I gamble) we could have ran/walked the 13 miles from just the high of freedom we were on.

I would like to thank our friends J & D who help facilitate our ability to get to the marathon safely without compromising Benny’s health. Your level of Hachnosis Orchim is truly remarkable. Benny felt like a VIP all the way!



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